Short on Time? No Problem

We all know about the horrors of a busy schedule. You don’t know where to start from, or if you’ll ever finish all the work that’s been piling up on your desk. You’re afraid to open your email, as you don’t want to see all the unread mail you have. But you push on through your busy, clustered day, in hopes of making the future “you” a little happier. And nothing could make “you” happier than a little free time for yourself. But nope. There is no free time for a busy person like yourself.

But then, how does one look after themselves? How can you be both on track with all the work and find the time to make sure you healthy and functioning properly? Well, since we, unfortunately, like to do everything in life very fast, at least you can take advantage of this speed and treat yourself to something that’s not only fast, but also amazing.

Common Misinformation

If you’ve heard about Botox, you probably think it’s some convoluted procedure, which requires enormous preparations, a long time for the procedure itself, and an arduous downtime afterwards. But you’d be surprised to know, that Botox is so time efficient, you could fit it into you daily schedule this very week.

Now, assuming that you already know of a trustworthy clinic, then you really shouldn’t have a problem setting up an appointment for a Botox injection. But, in case you don’t actually know of a clinic, then a quick internet search would probably do the trick. And if you live in a big city like NYC then you’re in luck. Botox in New York City is quite popular. Which is why there are a myriad of clinics available in Manhattan alone.

Do a little research, and while you’re at it, try to look for MiracleFace MedSpa, one of the most professional and trusted clinics in Manhattan. They’ll give you some of the best service you could ask for in the beauty industry, and for a price you’ll only find in Wonderland or some other weird place that is most definitely not Manhattan, New York.

Quick Preparation, Quick Procedure

But if by some chance you already came prepared and did your homework on the clinics, then all that’s really left for you is to make an appointment. See, but an appointment with whom, you may be asking? The clinic? No, not yet. Your doctor, of course. I mean look, Botox is FDA approved and is as safe as you can get. But you never know what you may or may not be allergic to and taking chances with your health is not a good idea. If you want to be Evel Knievel, this is not the right place to do it, so be careful just in case.

But now that you’ve seen the doctor, you can finally make the appointment with the clinic itself. Once you’ve set up the appointment, you’ll go in for the treatment. The procedure itself lasts around 30 minutes. That’s it. You can finish your Botox treatment before your coworkers even finish their lunch.

But keep in mind, once the procedure is finished, you may think twice before marching back to work. While Botox doesn’t really require any extra care or special treatment, you may still want to lay off a few days to make sure that the downtime passes by without any unwanted scratches and cuts. Basically, keep your face nice and clean, just like you always do.

With the downtime also come the small side-effects, like dryness and itchiness, but you can easily deal with those with some moisturizers and whatnot. There’s really nothing in terms of special care that you would actually need to keep your post Botox downtime nicely regulated.

So basically, if you’ve been looking for a little Botox and are afraid you won’t have the time for it, then consider the fact that Botox takes very little time, both in terms of the treatment and after. Even if you’re worried about the side-effects, you really don’t have to be, as they’re very minor and don’t require a lot of attention to be dealt with. So, take a few days off, relax, and know that you’ve given your skin a much needed fresh start and a little boost just to make sure it stays as beautiful as it always has.