Signs That You Have An Addiction Ruining Your Life

Addiction impacts families of all race, religion, nationality, economic status, and any other way people are grouped. Drugs are a huge issue all over the globe with the illegal drug market being in the billions of dollars in the US alone. Legal drugs like alcohol can be purchased if you are of a certain age just like tobacco in the US. Addiction comes in many forms whether it is a functioning alcoholic or the homeless heroin junkie. The following are signs that an addiction is ruining your life.

Loss of Relationships

Addiction impacts personal relationships especially with significant others. If you have already broken off of a marriage it is a sign that your addiction might be too much. Losing the relationship with your kids is the ultimate sign your addiction is taking over as family members might not want you to see them if you are always drunk or high. Remember that while intoxicated you might do or say things that you won’t remember or otherwise would have never said. Addicts can be the worst versions of themselves while high or coming down from a high.

Alienation From Family and Friends

When you stop getting invited to family functions because nobody is quite sure how you’ll act your addicting winning. The people that mean most to you and you to them not wanting to see you can drive an addict further into their addiction. If a few people have talked to you about your addiction saying they are worried about you go seek help. Addictions do worsen and become much more difficult to overcome as you become both physically and mentally addicted to your drug of choice.

Legal Problems

Being arrested is a telltale sign of an addict whether they were high in public or did something illegal to feed their addiction. Finding the right criminal defense lawyer can be important as they can help you get into a treatment program instead of going to jail or prison depending on the offence. Getting DUIs is a great example of an addiction taking over as you are not only putting yourself in danger but you are also putting others’ lives in danger. Find help before you spend years in prison for committing a crime you never would have thought of if you weren’t an addict.

Withdrawal Is Keeping You From Quitting

From all accounts of major drug addicts the withdrawal you feel will not be great. With some addictions like alcohol being able to kill you from sudden withdrawal you need to be under medical supervision. The truth is that many addicts are deathly afraid of what coming down off of a multiple months or years bender are going to feel like when they are finally sober. Once you have found a medical detox that fits your needs you need to get through the first few days to start to really heal and look why you are turning to drugs.

Addiction can ruin lives and families if not dealt with properly. Admitting you are an addict is the first step so take a good look in the mirror.