Switching from a bed to hammock: the perfect deal

Hammocks are normally considered a piece of decor that can be found in almost every resort these days rather than a realistic replacement for a traditional bed. Recent studies have revealed that sleeping in a hammock has quite a few advantages over their traditional counterparts.

Here is a list of some of the benefits we could find:

  1. Most hammock dwellers report that they fall asleep considerably faster than they do in their traditional beds. These amazing results have lead to a whole subculture of hammock enthusiasts who not only enjoy a good nights sleep but also get to sleep longer than the rest of us!
  2. Peaceful sleep: Hammocks keep you nice and snug, with all the vertebrae in your spine and your cerebral spine fully aligned. Couple that with the gentle rocking and you will have the most peaceful night or a nap of your life!
  3. Natural lullaby: A hammock naturally rocks you to sleep. The swing does no worse a job than the sweet sounds of music sung by a loving parent to their child.
  4. Great against insomnia: Science has proven that hammocks can help a person suffering from insomnia fall asleep faster, sleep better and more consistently than more traditional methods, such as medical treatments and psychotherapy.
  5. No physical pain during sleep: One need not fight with the roughness of the bed or the hardness of the mattress when your whole body is supported, your spine is perfectly aligned, and your head is in the optimal position.
  6. Increased comfort: Sleeping in hammock offers an added comfort as it takes the shape of the body of a person who uses it.
  7. Freedom from bed bugs: Another advantage of sleeping in a hammock is the freedom from bed bugs, rodents, spiders and other nasties. Sleeping this far away from the ground and in a clean hammock is a wonderfully relaxing experience. When was the las time you put your bed in the washing machine?
  8. Air circulation: Have you ever tried falling asleep on a hot humid summer night without air conditioning? Imagine how much better that would’ve been if you were sleeping in a hand-knitted net style hammock. Hammocks allow you to be fully ventilated and supported throughout the night.
  9. More space – less mess: Unlike your traditional bed, you can fold your hammock and store it away in your sock drawer. You don’t truly appreciate how much space your bed takes until you see your bedroom without it. If you are living in a studio in the big city, simply sleeping in a hammock can almost double your living space and save you tons of money!
  10. Improved concentration: A Swiss study revealed that people who sleep in hammocks show greater signs of cognition, concentration and learning ability! These benefits are believed to be due to the rocking motion which synchronizes brain waves, leading humans into deeper and calmer sleep than they would’ve in a traditional bed. People who sleep in hammocks are found to wake up feeling better rested, happier thereby more efficient at work.

These enormous benefits of sleeping in a hammock can convince anybody to get a hammock, at least as a supplement to a normal bed. You can grab a starter kit at Amazon or IKEA for almost nothing or make one yourself using instructions easily found online – Hammocks rock!