The Benefits of Cremation

Cremation rates have risen dramatically in the United States over the past several decades. In 1970 around 5 percent of Americans were cremated after death. By 2016 that figure had risen to just over 50 percent. Projections show cremation rates to be at around 79 percent by 2035. Why are more and more people choosing cremation over traditional funerals? There are several factors that have an impact on this phenomenon.

Changing Lifestyles

Once upon a time, most people were born in, grew up in, and died all in the same town. This is simply not the case in today’s society. More people are moving away from their hometowns than in the past. Family members might have to travel great distances in order to attend funerals and memorial services. Ashes are easier to transport than is a casket. Often, cremation is a more practical option for families.

Finding a cremation service is really quite convenient too. Legacy provides cremation services in Texas, and they have many locations throughout the state. This company not only provides affordable cremations, they also provide transportation of the ashes and help clients with things such as obtaining death certificates.


While funerals may be the most traditional way to commemorate the life of a loved one, there are certainly many options to celebrate a life. Cremation allows for a level of flexibility that is just not an option when it comes to traditional burials. With cremation, can bury ashes and have a traditional funeral service or a modified memorial service. Many people choose to either scatter them somewhere special. Scattering ashes poses no threat to the environment or to human health. Some popular choices for scattering ashes are national parks, the sea, or any place that the deceased enjoyed spending time. Other families simply choose to keep the ashes in their homes to symbolize how their loved one can continue to be near family in spirit.

Some people have come up with even more creative ways to preserve the ashes of loved ones.

For example, people have made synthetic diamonds out of ashes and have added the ashes to tattoo ink. There are countless ways to preserve the ashes and honor the memory of your loved one in a personalized way.

Religious Views

While cremation is certainly a convenient option, it might not seem to line up with certain religious beliefs. However, a minority of Americans take religion into account when considering funeral arrangements. Less than 40 percent of Americans feel like religion is important when it comes to a funeral service. Nearly a quarter of Americans identify themselves as non-religious. These Americans are much more likely to choose cremation.

Even religious groups have begun to look on cremation in a more favorable light. For example, for a long times Catholics strictly prohibited cremation. In 1963 this changed when the Vatican lifted the ban on cremation. While cremation still seems to be frowned upon in the Catholic faith, this does represent a changing of the times.


Low cost seems to be one of the major attractions of cremation. Cremation costs about half as much as a traditional funeral. The median cost of a traditional funeral is around $8,300. Meanwhile, a basic cremation typically costs around $2,250. If you choose to also have a service to honor your loved one, that cost could go up by as much as $2,500; even so, this is still a cheaper option than a traditional casket funeral.

There are many benefits of choosing cremation that have made it such a popular option over the past several years. Cremation offers a convenient and inexpensive option for family members during this stressful time in life. It also allows the life of a loved one to be celebrated however the family feels is the best way to celebrate that life.

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