The Healing Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs

For centuries, people have benefited from the healing power of walk-in bathtubs. For instance, the ancient Romans used tubs in their medical treatments. Besides, many spas and bathing commons in Finland, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, and Spain stand as a treatment for the abilities of a warm water bath (hydrotherapy).

In the recent years, medical researchers and doctors have confirmed the healing power of warm baths. Numerous studies have shown how hydrotherapy offers a reliable and affordable treatment option for people battling with depression, anxiety, and other health conditions. Premier Care in Bathing asserts that walk-in bathtubs help everyone surmount the risk of normal baths and grants you the independence and access to an outstanding therapeutic spa system in your home.

With a walk-in bathtub, no more struggling to get in and out of a standard bathtub or sitting on a chair in the shower. Just open the tub’s door, walk in, sit down, and enjoy the bath you deserve.

Benefits for arthritis patients

According to the Arthritis Foundation, warm water therapy can keep your joints looser. A walk-in bathtub can help restore your joint strength and delay damage to all your sensitive joints. If you’re seeking relief from arthritis, a warm bath in a walk-in tub is a great option.

Benefits for diabetes patients

A research paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that hydrotherapy lowers sugar levels, improves sleep, and enhances the sense of one’s overall well-being. Besides, with American Tubs walk in bathtub, “this therapy reduces stress levels and may indirectly improve blood sugar control. Anyways, better to enjoy a warm bath than safely stepping into a walk-in tub?”

Benefits for Alzheimer’s patients

Living with Alzheimer’s is challenging for both the patient and the caregiver. It requires patience and bathing is always challenging for such patients. A walk-in bathtub addresses most fears associated with bathing for people battling with Alzheimer’s. These tubs can;

  • Let the patient feel relaxed and in control of their environment. The patient can see all sides of the tub and step in without fear.
  • Create a safe environment. Most walk-in tubs have a non-slip floor and pre-installed grab bars.
  • Offer much-deserved dignity. Many walk-in tubs feature unique designs that effectively address the fear of exposure and vulnerability. Thus, a patient can comfortably sit and enjoy a warm bath.

Hydrotherapy boosts heart health

Jogging every morning or hitting the gym daily isn’t easy for many people. But a recent study showed how a warm bath improves heart rate, regulates blood pressure, and other cardiovascular benefits. What’s more, walk-in tubs offer greater comfort and less strain to your heart.

Walk-in tub baths help in alleviating sleep disorders

If you’re trying to ignore a chronic pain or had a stressful day, drifting into a peaceful sleep can be very difficult. Instead of using sleep aid medication, there is a safer and more natural solution; step in a walk-in tub for a warm bath. Studies have affirmed that a warm bath an hour before bed can help you feel relaxed and ready to sleep.