Gambling Addiction Raises the Risk of Depression

In the US, three to five out of one hundred people who gamble will develop a gambling problem, which may lead to symptoms of depression, according to the website. Depression is a fact of life for one in ten Americans over the age of eighteen, based on stats from the website. Since people with gambling problems are at higher risk for depression, they need to learn how to lower the risk, by accessing treatment for gambling addiction, setting limits with casino and online gambling and/or accessing treatment for depression.

Gambling addiction can be treated

Compulsive gambling is a real psychological disorder, which is listed in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, according to the website. It’s diagnosed via an interview process between doctor and patient, along with a review of medical information and a psychiatric assessment. To be diagnosed, a person must fit the criteria outlined by the APA (American Psychiatric Association).

Treatment generally includesa combination of one-on-one therapy, medication(s) and participation in self-help groups. Some people get treated via outpatient programs, while others opt for residential treatment programs or inpatient programs. If you have a gambling problem, you should know that treating the underlying psychological disorder, which drives you to gamble again and again, will be a good way to avoid depression which is related to your addiction.

Set limits with online gambling

Bricks-and-mortar casinos tend to enable gamblers, according to, and online gambling is just the same. The online gambling experience is very much like the “real gambling” experience, in that gamblers may bet real money and then win or lose. The first casino-style gaming website opened for business during summer of 1996, according to, and there are now thousands of these online casinos. Setting a daily time limit for gaming, and/or a daily limit for expenditures, may be helpful. Some people have more willpower than others. In cases where gambling addiction is severe, closing accounts at online gambling emporiums will be the best strategy.

Get help for symptoms of depression  

When depression strikes, it’s time to get help. With depression, the body produces more stress hormones, more cortisol and more blood sugar. Depression harms the mind and body, according to, by triggering feelings of desolation, causing sleep problems, negatively impacting cognition, raising the risk of heart attacks and increasing sensitivity to pain. Most patients with depression respond well to a mixture of cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.

The link between gambling addiction and depression is real, and compulsive gamblers are at risk of depression. Now that you know the risks, as well as how to treat compulsive gambling, limit or cease casino and online gambling and get help with symptoms of depression, you’ll be ready to lower the risk. It is possible to recover from gambling addiction, so why not give it a try today?