The Importance of Maintaining TDS Levels in Your Drinking Water

Water is extremely important for the human body. The functioning of different organs happens smoothly because of the proper percentage of water in the body. Water purification is equally important matter for proper growth and functioning of body organs. But, have you been drinking pure water? Do you have a guarantee that it will not harm your health in any way? Obviously not! We often overlook all these aspects, which rather should be considered on top priority. There are various factors that can harm your body.

Among all those factors, TDS level is one that is highly important to know about because extremely higher or lower TDS value can prove fatal for your health. So, the right level of TDS in water is excessively important. Water purifiers can help in ensuring that you get water with the ideal level of TDS.

What Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Actually Means?

Water consists of some dissolved substances. TDS basically depicts the total concentration of all these dissolved substances. TDS consists of two main components – organic matter and inorganic salts. With fresh water, soil minerals get dissolved.

In simple language, the water that we drink in our day to day life is tremendously polluted. Wastewater from household, metallic pipe solids, pesticides, harmful toxins from factories and many more impurities have polluted water to a great extent. All these impurities are collectively known as TDS. This TDS gets measured in mg. per unit volume and denominated as ppm i.e. parts per million.

Why Maintenance of TDS Is Necessary in Drinking Water?

High or low TDS can prove harmful for the body. Although high TDS is not that fatal, it may affect the body in an unfavorable manner. Here are the reasons:

  • High TDS makes the water more salty, metallic and bitter. Furthermore, it makes water smell unpleasant.
  • The taste of beverages and foods also changes with high TDS.
  • High level of TDS gives rise to some salts, which raise health problems. These salts are sodium, barium, fluoride, nitrates, and calcium.
  • It doesn’t appease a person as thirst never settles down by having water with high TDS.

These are the harmful effects of high TDS water. However, water with low TDS is also harmful to the health. Here are the reasons:

  • The body tissues require minerals. But, low TDS cut down the minerals and in this way it becomes a major reason that can harm health.
  • The functioning of body organs gets adversely affected due to low TDS.
  • A major reason behind headaches, tiredness, muscular cramps, and weakness is the low quantity of TDS in water.
  • Sodium and potassium is left in low quantum in low TDS water.
  • Low TDS in water can result in water intoxication, which is again harmful to the body.

Due to these reasons, it becomes inevitably important to maintain TDS level in water that we consume regularly. Some aftermaths are so dangerous that it may also become the reason behind deadly diseases. It becomes assuredly important to live a healthy life by drinking pure water. This is why it is important to use water purifiers, which can perfectly maintain the level of TDS without letting it increase or decrease in any manner.