The Importance of Yearly Physicals

Health is something that is important to everyone. It is recommended that each and every person gets their physical examination done every single year. There are many benefits that come with getting the physical examination done.

The yearly physical exam is something that is very important to prioritize. Cory Harow has stated that it lets doctors know more about health issues and ways to intervene or prevent health issues that may arise in the future. It also allows the patient to have a better any more open communication with their doctors that they can ask any questions or concerns they may be having in regards to their health. During this time, the patient can ask questions about their immunization records or any other questions concerning their health. The doctor can have the opportunity to explain Ways that the patient can make some changes in their lifestyle to intervene or prevent the patient from having medical problems in the future. This can also be a great time for the doctor to explain changes the patient may need to make if the patient already has an ongoing medical condition.

Some of the very important things that are addressed during the physical examination or the following.

1.) Discussion of blood pressure – Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is something that is very important to do. It is important that the doctor is able to measure how high or low the patient’s blood pressure can be. This is something that is very important to do because the blood pressure is related to the arteries which is related to the heart.

2.) Discussing cholesterol problems – Discussing and having the doctor measure the amount of cholesterol that the patient may have in their blood is also something that is very important. Cholesterol is directly related to blood pressure and also diabetes. It is very important that the patient has a good level of cholesterol in their bloodstream.

3.) Measuring glucose levels – Glucose levels are directly related to diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that is not curable and it is important for the patient to know that he or she has normal glucose levels. The doctor is usually able to do this by taking a blood sample. The blood sample will then go to a laboratory where it will be looked after.

4.) Discussing body mass index – For those that do not know, body mass index is the measure of the patient’s weight in comparison to the patient’s height. This is also something that is very important because this can help the doctor or nurse calculate whether or not the person is at risk for obesity for being underweight as well. Wait plays a huge factor in health and it is very important that the patient knows whether or not here she will have to make any lifestyle changes in order to maintain or gain a certain amount of weight. Cory Harow believes and encourages people to get their yearly examination done to live a healthier lifestyle.