Want to Get the Best Surgical Face Masks? Try Bristol Mask

Since the days the coronavirus pandemic began, many people have been wondering what face mask is the best for them. In truth, surgical masks are the best kinds to use when trying to prevent a virus or infection. That’s because it was invented for the purpose of preventing people from transmitting infections. Medical professionals like nurses and doctors have always used surgical masks while treating patients and during any type of surgery. 

Surgical face masks are made of polypropylene and are recyclable. That’s why many times, they are referred to as “disposable masks”. They have an inner and outer layer. These layers are Spunbond material. The middle layer, however, is made of meltblown, which is used as a filter. Whenever fluid comes out from a person’s nose or mouth, the fluid stays within the mask instead of passing across to the next person. You can only have such an original material when you buy a surgical mask from Bristol Mask UK. It is best to wear them in enclosed spaces, especially when people are in close contact with one another. 


Bristol surgical masks are certified from different official bodies such as certified BS EN 14683 with High Filtration, Medical Device Class I, Type II and Type IIR. Medical Device Class 1 devices are low-risk medical devices. There are other device classes that are of greater risk, and they are in Class II and Class III. That means these surgical masks aren’t harmful to your skin, and they do not cause skin irritation. 


Bristol Mask UK has two types of surgical masks which include the Type II and Type IIR face masks. The Type II face masks are made of a protective 3-ply material that prevents huge particles of bacteria from getting to a patient or surrounding surfaces. They are better than the Type I face masks which prevent less percentage of bacteria from getting to another person or surface. The Type II masks have a pleat style with ear loops. They also come in various styles and colours.   

On the other hand, Type IIR face masks are made up of 4-ply material, and they do more work in preventing bacteria from being transferred to another person or surface. There’s a splash-resistant layer on the Type IIR face masks, and these help to prevent blood and bodily fluids (like sweat) from being in contact with another person. They are also available in different styles and colours. 

In addition to these, the different mask types come in SecurFit versions. These are rather more expensive than the original Type II and Type IIR. On the Bristol Mask website, there’s a Type II SecurFit and Type IIR SecurFit. 


You can get these surgical masks from Bristol Mask UK. They come in various sizes for both kids and adults. They also come in form of the different mask types like Type II, Type IIR, and the SecurFit versions. 

Get these masks to prevent the spread of any form of virus or bacteria. Protect yourself and your patients from harmful infections when you use these reliable surgical masks.