The Risks Of Talcum Powder Use

Talcum powder, also known as talc, represents a mineral that can be found naturally around the world. It is good to know that this mineral is among the softest minerals – with the help of your fingernail you should be enough to scratch it. The scientific name of talcum powder is hydrated magnesium silicate. Talcum powder has many applications in both commercial business and life. However, what many people don’t know is that talcum powder use comes with certain risks.

One of the main reasons why talc is dangerous is the fact that this mineral is closely associated with asbestos, a well-known carcinogen. In the past, people couldn’t analyze the effects of talcum powder use, but today thanks to modern technology and long-term studies, there is evidence that talcum powder use increases the risk of many health issues.

First of all, talcum powder can lead to the emergence of ovarian cancer. Namely, women who are using this powder in the genital area have higher chances of developing this vicious type of cancer. It turns out that talc’s tiny compounds can freely circulate in the reproductive system of women and accumulate in the ovarian lining. These small particles of talc are present in ovarian tumors and this how scientists have linked the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

Historically, the use of talcum powder on babies has been increasing every decade. People have found out that talc comes with specific properties that are useful for the baby, but the risk of talc poisoning is too high. Talc poisoning is a serious health issue that includes many different symptoms. Babies dealing with talc poisoning experience breathing issues like chest pain, coughing, lung failure etc. In addition, in more serious cases they can also experience vomiting, throat irritation, eye irritation, and diarrhea. It is not reasonable to continue using this potentially dangerous mineral just to prevent body odor and sweat. The majority of people use talcum powder on babies to keep them safe from irritations and rashes caused by diapers, but the fact is that there are many safer alternatives.

According to several scientific studies conducted not while ago, talcum powder brings many different risks to the lungs even in adult individuals. There is no need for extended research when we already know that talc miners are a category of people that are suffering the most from lung cancer and a wide range of respiratory disorders and diseases. Even though the talcum powder people use is refined, it is not much different than the industrial-grade talcum powder which comes with dangerous levels of asbestos and silica.

So, talcum powder is simply too dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. There are many deaths every year that come as a result of exposure to talc. Many of these cases end up in courts where families of the diseased people get adequate compensations.

In order to avoid the negative effects of talcum powder, stop using products that include talc. It is crucial for women to stop using talcum powder in the genital area. It’s also a good idea to replace talcum powder and baby powders that contain talc with other safer products. You can consult a pediatrician about the alternatives. We hope that this article will help you understand the hidden dangers of this commonly used mineral.