Nature’s Sunshine Announces Partnership with National Breast Cancer Foundation

Nature’s Sunshine is now an official sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are proud to be at the forefront to raise awareness and support the fight against breast cancer.

This year alone, nearly 3 million American women are being treated for breast cancer. The statistics are staggering. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Chances are that breast cancer has directly impacted someone that you love and care about.

NBCF is an organization dedicated to aiding women throughout the world by offering help to women in need and inspiring hope to those affected by this disease through early detection, education, and support services.

Nature’s Sunshine partnered with NBCF because we too have a strong history of supporting women’s  health with quality natural supplementation. Nature’s Sunshine also believes that the best way to fight breast cancer is to prevent it. 

Studies show that a woman can greatly reduce their risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nature’s Sunshine has a variety of herbs and supplements targeted to support women’s health and vitality. We also offer education and instruction on living a  naturally healthy life. 

So what can you do to help make a difference in today’s fight against breast cancer? The answer is simple: take action! Start a community fundraiser or join one that’s already in place. Partner with a national charity or donate money to support breast cancer research and education.

To make a donation today visit to make a tax-deductible contribution. A little really does go a long way.

Please help us raise more awareness by sharing this great cause with your friends and family directly from the Nature’s Sunshine Facebook page.

And remember to “Think Pink”, this month and every month.

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