The Road to Public Safety: Protecting Car Accident Victims

Car accidents are not incidental to the health of employers, workers, and
the economy as a whole.

Every accident is in fact consequential to the life—and livelihood—of a friend, colleague, or loved one. Every accident survivor has a right, as a matter of law and as an issue of fairness, to seek justice: to have a lawyer represent the injured, the despondent, and the dispossessed; to have him get just compensation for a client, whose suffering is too acute to imagine, whose pain is too unbearable to feel, whose burden is too onerous to bear.

When we think of car accidents as a threat to public safety, when we see how hazardous these accidents are to the health and productivity of a good society, we must advocate change. We must have an advocate eager to change the system.

John K. Zaid, a Houston-based lawyer, is such an advocate. He understands the seriousness of this subject, because he knows we can neither afford nor accept the loss of so many parents and families, of so many children and grandchildren, of so many innocents killed by negligent drivers or drivers of negligently manufactured cars.

We must think of this issue as more than a legal dispute, since any accident can determine the outcome of a person’s fortunes or the prospects of the unfortunate victim of someone else’s reckless driving.

Let us of think of this issue as worthy of our time and attention.

Let us be champions of safety.