Two doctors discussing diagnosis while walking at hospital's hall.

The Time for Dialogue about Health Has Finally Come

Helen Lee Schifter is someone who believes passionately in the need for there to be a broad and proper dialogue in society and our culture about the need for healthier living. She believes that too often health and wellness are either nonexistent in one’s totem-pole of priorities; or (perhaps even worse than that), they are entirely neglected. There are of course others that simply don’t treat it as a priority at all relative to other objectives and goals they might have. This is unfortunate and must change.

According to Helen Lee Schifter, the Coronavirus pandemic has created a forum for a healthy and stimulating dialogue about this important national conversation. So how and why did we get here? The reality is that this conversation should’ve been taking place a long time ago and its being delayed in some cases has caused irreparable harm that could have been done away with. Surely, there are ways one can go about having this conversation in a way that is both responsible and efficient.

The reasons for the neglecting of these important subjects is many-fold. First, there is an emphasis that is placed on work that is sometimes unhealthy and excessive. This is something that is surely worthwhile considering and not emulating. Work is important; and surely everyone has lifestyle concerns to ensure they are able to provide livelihoods for their family members that are sufficient, adequate and up-to-par with what their standards of living are.

Commercialization of professional development has been unhealthy in some quarters though. That is to say that it has been emphasized in some ways that is excessive. Of course, career and professional development must be prized and appreciated by all. But at what cost? Surely we can all agree that one’s physical health should not be neglected in favor of ANYTHING else. The stakes and consequences of doing so are too high. And this needs to be understood by everyone.

There are different ways one can be sure to keep their health in order; starting with their own dietary habits. One need not necessarily eat less tasty foods in order to maintain healthier dietary habits. This is a lie that is fed to people by commercial industries specializing in the fast food industry who have a vested interest in having as many people as possible eating their own foods.

There’s also so many fitness options that are abound and should indeed be valued and appreciated. For instance, the idea that fitness can only take place in a gymnasium is wrong. But then again, there is incredible value that one can have by consistently working out in a gym. It’s not as much the intensity of the workout that matters; as it is the actual consistency and regularity with which one works out.

But there are other ways to accomplish and make strides toward one’s fitness goals that are on the outskirts of the gymnasium. For instance, why don’t people take it upon themselves to walk to work if they normally use transportation of any form. This may indeed same like too marginal a matter that won’t make a substantial enough difference – but that’s simply untrue. The reality is that in the aggregate; when things are all added up, it does make a difference. And the difference is very meaningful.

Helen Lee Schifter is a health expert who recognizes the need for there to be a long overdue conversation about health and wellness. Now that the Coronavirus has shown us how fragile physical health is, let’s have that long overdue conversation and dialogue now.