The Ultimate 5 Ways to Detoxify your Body

How do you know if you need to detox?

Feeling as if you need to detox, is often disregarded by the mainstream medical profession, as being ‘in your head’, or as ‘hypochondria’, and even as ‘depression’.

It is none of those things. It is a very real condition, often brought on by exposure to a wide variety of toxins.

The body has simply reached a point of tremendous toxic burden, so the symptoms of muscle aches and fatigue, are natural, under the circumstances.

Sadly, many doctors will say that it is not possible to detox, and dismiss this concept as a New Age myth.

What are the most common ways to detox?

People are under the illusion that detoxification of the body is simple. The mainstream concept of a detox, has come about as a result of binging on alcohol or junk food. The detox from that, would therefore be, to refrain from alcohol and junk food, and to assist this process, using any number of ‘cleanses’, that have been designed. We are given a variety of cleanses to choose from – from seven days of raw food, to ten days of brown rice, or how about one day of nothing but fruit and vegetable juice, pressed from a juice extractor.

While these cleanses are great ways to give your organs a much-needed rest, they are not a long term solution, and they do not address the deeper areas of the body, which are in desperate need of a true detoxification.

Is it really possible to detox in a few days?

A true detox can never occur in a few days, which is why weekend detox retreats are not really a long term detox. All you can achieve in a few days, is to give your body a break, from the usual assault on the liver and kidneys. This is a good thing, but should not be thought of as a final ‘cleanse.’

Since the true cause of feeling awful is toxic burden, there are a variety of detoxification programs, which deliver fantastic results, and each one can take three weeks or more, to complete. They are: