The Ultimate 5 Ways to Detoxify your Body

A. The Candida Diet – healing leaky gut syndrome.

B. The Anti-Parasite Cleanse – half of all Americans have parasites.

C. The Heavy Metal Detox – heavy metals are in hundreds of foods we ingest..

D. The Obesogen Detox – endocrine disruptors are everywhere.

E. The Raw Foods and Vegan Diet – see if giving up flesh foods, makes you feel incredible.

All of the above programs could be done, and in the above order.

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Take a break of one or two months in between each program, before starting the next program.

A. The Candida Diet

If you suffer from persistent acne, unexplained rashes, allergies, recurring vaginal or bladder infections, strange muscle aches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, ADHD, arthritis, mood swings, respiratory infections, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, thyroid imbalance, auto-immune disorders, Type 1 diabetes, or digestive disorders such as IBS or constipation, you may have Candida, currently known as leaky gut syndrome. What might all of these ailments have in common?

The answer is: By having taken antibiotics, your beneficial intestinal flora, have been killed off, along with the bacteria, which the antibiotics were targeting.

Intestinal flora’s function is to break down food, into substances which can be assimilated.

So if you have no or low flora, you are not assimilating much from the food you eat. For example, you could eat ten oranges, and hardly absorb any vitamin C.

So what happens when your body absorbs almost no nutrients? Well, it cannot perform a wide variety of healing and detoxifying functions, hence the acne, bladder infections, and muscle aches begin.

Beneficial intestinal flora can also be greatly reduced by:


prolonged medications or drugs

excess alcohol

extreme stress, lasting over a period of time

toxins in pesticides (found on all non-organic food)

toxic residues in tap water (everyone should use a water filter, as there are 2,000 chemicals in tap water.)

For a complete list of foods and supplements needed to do this cleanse, read The Candida Diet.