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  • Mountain Bike Tips: How to deal with dangerous terrain

    Mountain biking is an extreme sport, where you can face challenges that you wouldn’t have on the regular road. Dangerous terrain is unpredictable, and dynamically changing, so that’s why you need to be careful and cautious all the time. Staying focus is crucial, but what else should you do, to be safe? Steep descents, loose […]

  • What Is The Leading Cause of Skiing Accidents?

    Accidents with other ski resort guests and stationary objects are the leading cause of skiing and snowboarder fatality incidents and catastrophic injuries, according to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA). The NSAA reports 37 catastrophic injuries and 37 skier and snowboarder fatalities during 2017. Catastrophic incidents are injuries with major head trauma, significant neurological trauma, […]

  • 8 Health Benefits of Basketball

    Whether you enjoy shooting hoops by yourself, playing a game with friends or competing at an elite level, basketball offers many health benefits. This fast-moving sport will have you working up a sweat while improving your agility, coordination and speed. Here are five health benefits of basketball. 1. Supports Cardiovascular Health Basketball is a fast-moving […]

  • The Pros and Cons Of Mitsubishi Golf Shafts

    Golf is primarily for leisure and entertainment, but it has more benefits than that. Aside from enjoying golf as a hobby, the game itself encourages players to be mentally alert, and it is an excellent way to unwind and relieve stress. Since it is an outdoor activity, catching some fresh air also helps you loosen […]

  • Your Workout and Your Liver

    Recent research suggests that intense exercise may result in levels of liver enzymes well above normal reference ranges; both immediately (for more than a week) and (to a lesser extent) long-term. Communicate with your medical provider about your exercise regimen and consider taking time off from training if you know you will be soon undergoing […]

  • “SARMsCanHarm”

    According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), sports nutrition comprises 14 percent of the global dietary supplement market, and as much as 1 out of 5 college students report the use of supplements to enhance muscle size and strength. The possibility of bigger, more defined muscles and improved athletic performance without the side effects […]

  • Why Is Water So Important for Humans?

    The importance of water to your body cannot be overstated. Our bodies are about seventy percent fluid to begin with. And that’s a lot of liquid to take care of during a normal restful day, not to mention those days when we may be running a marathon or out working in the hot sun sweating […]

  • Switchbacks on the Molecular Pathway to Muscular Development

    Specific adaptations to imposed demands (the SAID principle), the idea that the body adapts specifically to the demands that you place upon it, is one of exercise physiology’s most accepted concepts. Those who have trained for athletic performance or body composition at a high-level recognize that your training must go through cycles, because as astonishingly […]

  • How You Can Take Your Game To The Next Level Regardless of Sport

    The one question that many athletes ask coaches after a poor performance is that of “How do I take my game to the next level?” The answer differs depending on the athlete and the sport they are playing. Every athlete has strengths and weaknesses so identifying both of these is important. Turning weaknesses into strengths […]