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  • Tips For Sports Safety In Your Own Backyard

    You might think that playing sports at home doesn’t require all of the equipment one would wear out onto the field. However, you’re still playing those same games so you’re still at risk of injuries. Even playing football at home can lead to a concussion. That’s why it is always important to wear protective gear […]

  • Exercising on the Run

    According to a recent study conducted by travel website Expedia®, 53% of Americans think it is important to exercise while traveling. And honestly, there is some darn convincing, scientifically substantiated reasons why you shouldn’t skip a single workout, let alone a week or two of them. Skipping just over a week’s worth of workouts can […]

  • How Sports and Exercise Affect Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are a common issue among adults at nearly any age, with an estimated 30% of the population diagnosed with a vein issue at some point during their life. Veins that appear dark blue or purple, visible beneath the skin, or twisted or bulging veins often cause ongoing discomfort, like aching in the legs, […]

  • Causes of Foot Pain

    As January comes to a close, many people are continuing their New Year’s Resolutions such as being more active and increasing their physical fitness. But sometimes going from zero to high intensity work outs can leave your body especially your feet in pain. Here are some of the common causes of foot pain and as […]

  • Signs of Sciatic Nerve Damage

    The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves running through the body. While it starts at the top of your lower back, it also runs through your back, buttocks, thighs and down your legs. Many people associate sciatic nerve damage with the elderly, but it can also affect athletes and those of a younger […]

  • What you need to know before total ankle replacement surgery

    You’ve tried therapies, surgeries and “taking it easy.” You’ve suffered through ankle strain, stiffness and mobility issues. Your doctor says that your arthritis is only getting worse and other options, like an ankle fusion, won’t cut it this time. So, it sounds like you are ready for a total ankle replacement (sometimes called a total […]

  • 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain At Work

    Back pain is the second world’s most common health issue that impacts workforce performance. Statistics show that almost eight out of ten people have faced this pain in life. This pain is often treated badly, as people neglect their state and continue working waiting for the pain to pass on itself. Without a relieve or […]