Three Health Threats to Your Family that Can Be Caused By Pests


Pests are a problem in the home for many reasons. They make the house feel uncomfortable. They can damage the structure of the house over time. One of the most serious threats, however, is to health. Every family should be aware of three health threats that can be caused by pests.

Bacterial Infections

One of the main risks from many different types of pests is bacterial infection. The two main bacteria that can become a problem are E coli and salmonella. These bacteria are carried around the home by roaches, rodents, ants and other types of pests. The bacteria can appear on any surface where the pests have walked. It forms in droppings and in the carcasses of decaying pests that have died in draws, cabinets and appliances. These bacteria can cause serious illness and permanent damage to the body especially in children and people who have preexisting medical conditions.


Hantavirus is carried primarily by mice and rats. Hantavirus is a serious disease that can be spread across surfaces in the home. It is spread through the droppings of rodents. Droppings can infect dishware, silverware and food. Rodent droppings can be unintentionally touched when they accumulate in drawers and cabinets. Hantavirus can cause fevers, confusion and problems breathing during the one to five-week incubation period. The virus could eventually cause the lungs to fill with fluid. It has a 38 percent mortality rate. The only way to protect a family from Hantavirus is to have the home inspected for rodents and treated for any pests that are found.

Respiratory Problems and Allergic Reactions

Nearly every type of common pest in the home from roaches and ants to rodents and bedbugs introduce harmful particles into the air. These particles come from droppings, decaying pests and the unsanitary nests that some rodents and insects make. The particles can be spread throughout a home because of fans or air conditioners. Many people have allergic reactions to the substances pests release into the air. Children are especially vulnerable. This can cause eye and skin irritation on a daily basis. Breathing in the particles can cause respiratory problems. They can even trigger severe asthma attacks. The health problems caused by allergens in the air will only grow worse over time if the pests are not eliminated.

An expert from an Arizona pest services company has suggested that it is important to look for the signs of pests in the home every day. This means looking for droppings, dead insects or even damage to walls and baseboards. The best way to protect a family from these health threats is to find and eliminate any pest problems as quickly as possible.