Top 3 Myths About Decaffeinated Coffee Busted

We are sure that the reason you are reading this – and will continue to do so – is because you are a coffee lover. You might just be sipping on to one right now.

We all love a good cup of coffee in the morning or just about any time of the day. But no matter what your coffee beverage of choice is, it’s made of beans and those beans have had quite a journey.

Some of you love to brew your own coffees and chime about it proudly that how exclusively your coffee is home-brewed. But have you ever thought about decaffeinating coffee? When does that step occur in the process of crop to cup? Well decaffeination happens before the beans are all set to get roasted.

You all must have heard some time in your life ‘Death before Decaf’. We are here for the reverse, as in ‘Decaf before Death’ because we are going to spill some beans on the people who are against decaf.

We are not targeting the true coffee lovers but the goal is to promote decaf among them as well. You may live, breath and love great coffee, you might be even the ones who say coffee runs in your veins rather than blood, but you won’t deny the fact that you don’t like what caffeine does to you.

But you don’t even switch to decaf because it would mean compromising on quality and great taste and many more things that are just myths. Yes, I repeat: they are just myths. Here are top 3 myths about to get busted!

Myth#1: Decaf is poor quality coffee

Contrary to the most popular phrase I have heard that ‘Decaf is basically poor quality coffee’, no! Decaf is of not poor quality. In fact, at major retail outlets, you would find that decaf coffee is more expensive than the normal ones.

And even when price can’t be the deciding factor for you, you can buy one and check for yourself. Decaf has gone through many processes of evolution over time and back in the day no wonder it was of poor quality but today it’s not. Come on guys, if Star Bucks can offer Decaf than it must be something, don’t you think?

Myth#2: Decaf has an odd taste

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that decaf tastes funny like as if the coffee is stale. But again that was a long time ago. Many things have changed over the course of years and now it is the right time that you try the decaffeinated coffee and just give it a second chance to impress you.

If you are still not sure just do a little research about the brand of coffee you prefer. You can even ask the local coffee shop that you buy your coffee from that what coffee brands do they buy and what process of decaffeination goes behind as it makes all the difference of taste.

Myth#3: Coffee’s health benefits stem from caffeine

It is like the ultimate face palm moment. My friends, coffee has immense health benefits and they stem from the polyphenols contained within the coffee even when it is decaffeinated. It is regardless that is it normal or not, it will not affect any health benefits. In fact the only thing decaf will effect is your sleep routine as your night coffee wont interrupt your sleep schedule any more.

So I hope at the end of this myth busting session, we have spilled enough beans that you are compelled to try decaf coffee and be thankful for the rest of your life because decaf before death people!