Top Ways 55+ Year Old Truck Drivers Can Exercise More Efficiently

The truck driver lifestyle does not make it easy to be healthy. Like many jobs today, drivers find themselves sitting for long periods at a time. In fact, truck drivers are now understanding that sitting is the new smoking, causing several health issues. Especially for drivers over the age of 55 years old, this lifestyle negatively affects their health and overall well-being. Here are the top ways that older truck drivers can exercise more efficiently.

Exercise Before Or After Meals

There are a few basic steps to take when you are exercising while on the road. No matter what, try to exercise 15 minutes every day. If you exercise before or after meals, you will ensure that you are sticking to a routine. This consistency can significantly benefit your health and wellness. Additionally, it could put you in the right frame of mind to eat healthier too. When you work out regularly either before or after meals, you’ll consume more water as well as hearty meals. Link your eating activities to some form of exercise to ensure you have a healthier routine.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Since truck drivers sit most of the time, they benefit from different exercises in the cab. Some younger drivers will bring dumbbells or resistance bands on their trips for exercise. However, this may not be the best option for older drivers. One great exercise to use is stomach tightening. By tightening your stomach and holding it for a period of time, you are strengthening your core muscles. Over time, you will find that you can hold it for longer, showing significant progress. You can also release a lot of tension while driving in the cab. Meanwhile, holding your shoulders up to your neck for 10-15 seconds at a time, you can release even more tension. Remember to practice breathing exercises on a daily basis to improve your health as a truck driver.

Take Walks During Stops

Using stops to your benefit will improve your health greatly. Simply taking a walk can boost your body. By walking around your trailer 32 times, you are roughly walking a mile. This walk can take up to 30 minutes, which is equivalent to a loss of 200-300 calories. Walking also helps reduce sleep issues such as insomnia and can prevent high blood pressure. By taking this walk every day, you are improving your metabolism and digestion. Moreover, you will feel emotionally and mentally refreshed after taking a walk. This is a great way to exercise on the road, especially if you would like to skip the gym.

Stretch Out Your Muscles

Next, stretching is a great way to make sure your muscles are staying healthy. Stretching has a positive impact on the body similar to how working out does, making it a great option for older drivers. Keeping your hands on your hips, bend back and hold for 10 seconds. Then, bend forward for another 10 seconds. This will stretch out your back and legs, increasing circulation. If you stretch your muscles regularly, you can keep your body in shape and enjoy increase stamina for driving long distances. According to the Guide to California Truck Accident Laws, “Most fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers and other big rigs in California result from the same few factors. These include driver fatigue, driving under the influence, speeding and other reckless moves.” By stretching and keeping yourself fresh, you can avoid these risky driving factors.

Join Gym Chains

Many trucking companies are recognizing the importance of their driver’s health. You can ask your employer or manager to cover costs related to a gym. Many national gym chains purposely place locations near highways. Many gyms have hundreds of locations around the country, making them easily accessible to travelling members. If your employer covers the cost of a national membership, you could attend a gym whenever you stop over in a major city. This is one of the best ways to get a complete workout while you are driving a truck full time.

Overall, it is not always easy to ensure you are staying healthy on the road. Truck drivers who are 55 and older need to stay consistent with daily exercise. You can exercise before or after your meals, creating a consistent routine. Secondly, you can practice breathing exercises to strengthen your core muscles. If you stop, take a walk to get your heart rate up. When possible, do some stretches to keep your body refreshed from sitting at prolonged periods. Finally, get a gym membership at a nationwide change. As a full time truck driver, there are many ways to get a daily minimum of exercise.