What Everyone Should Know About CBD

CBD has been making a splash lately, but it’s not something that all of us are familiar with. Between what CBD is, why it has been all over the news, and whether or not it get you high, there are many questions people have about CBD. Here are some of the most common CBD questions, answered.

What CBD actually is

CBD is a cannabinoid — an active chemical in the drug marijuana. There are at least 104 such cannabinoids, and CBD is one of them.

The full name for CBD is cannabidiol. Like other cannabinoids, CBD affects our body in certain ways. But the ways in which CBD actually affects us are sometimes misunderstood. Let’s talk about them.

CBD won’t get you high

Unlike some other cannabinoids, like the famous THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. What does this mean? Simply put, CBD will not get you high.

SInce CBD does not get users high, and since CBD can be isolated and concentrated, it is commonly legal to buy CBD — even in areas and states in which marijuana itself is still illegal.

But wait, if CBD doesn’t get you high, why are so many people excited about using it? Well, just because CBD doesn’t get you high doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t do anything. CBD has powerful properties, including ones that can greatly benefit your health.

CBD can improve your health and your life

The many cannabinoids in marijuana all have roles to play, but most experts would agree that CBD plays the most important ones. While THC is largely responsible for marijuana’s famous high (as we’ve already established, CBD does not get people high), it is CBD that is responsible for most of marijuana’s crucial health benefits.

CBD can ease pain, reduce anxiety, counter nausea, and even help users with lifestyle issues related to sleep, eating, weight, and productivity. The list of CBD benefits, including proven and researched benefits as well as reported and suspected benefits, is very long.

CBD can be prescribed by doctors in many states, but it can also often be purchased over the counter. Since CBD doesn’t get you high, most states have chosen to make it legal (or have allowed it to become de facto legal).

There are a lot of ways to take CBD

CBD may be derived from marijuana, but that does not mean that you have to smoke marijuana in order to enjoy CBD’s effects. The reality is that CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant and concentrated into all sorts of different products, from CBD oils to CBD edibles.

This means that there are all sorts of different ways to take CBD. You could take a few drops from a tincture every morning, for instance — lots of CBD fans like to put drops under their tongues. You could consume CBD edibles, like CBD gummies. You could vape pure CBD, or even take CBD in a capsule or pill.

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