Types of Skin Inflammations

The Skin, just like other organs of the body, is prone to different types of infections and ailments. Skin infections can manifest visibly in the form of different types of inflammations. Here are a few of the skin inflammations types according to http://wellbeingdoctor.com which also includes their cures.

Skin Rashes
This is one of the most common types of skin inflammations. The neck is usually the most susceptible part of the skin to rashes. Most skin rushes are very easy to treat and can go away after simple medication. However, not all rashes should be taken lightly. It is very important that you learn how to identify skin rashes based on their physical appearance and color. This helps you get the most effective treatment method, since different rashes have different types of treatment.

The most common causes of rashes are allergic reaction to products we use on a daily basis, such products include soap, detergent, they can also occur as a result of an allergy to food and jewelry. You can also get rashes because of sunburn. The most effective solution to allergic rashes is avoiding the root cause of the allergy in the first place, for sunburn; you can take measures to prevent exposing your skin to the sun. You can also apply sunscreen for better protection of your skin.

Under arm rashes
Just as the name suggests, this rush mostly appears at the armpits. Underarm rush appears because of bacteria breeding in the armpits. The warmth and moisture of the underarms create a conducive environment for bacteria growth. The most common cause is poor hygiene. You can easily avoid rashes through maintaining proper hygiene. However, there are infections that can occur because of allergy to deodorant and excessive heat in the under arms from wearing very tight clothes. Tight clothes can cause friction, which leads to wearing away of the epidermis layer during body movements. Ensure that you wear loose clothing and use underarm products that do not irritate your skin.

Chicken Pox
This disease is usually common among young children. However, adults are also susceptible to the disease. Some of the symptoms include appetite loss, fever and nausea. This disease can be very lethal to pregnant women and people with medical complications. However, treatment is by anti-biotic and medication. Since it spreads very easily, it is important to avoid contact with other people when you are ill. Luckily, once you get chicken pox and recover, you can never get another infection.

Measles is a viral infection caused by the Rubella Virus. This virus replicates at the back of your lungs upon infection. It then moves to the Urinary track and other parts of the body like the central nervous system, the urinary tract and the blood vessels where it then begins to multiply. It is a very infectious disease since the virus is found in the throat and in mucus, where it is easily spread through coughing and sneezing. Visible symptoms of the disease are a combination of coughing, swollen eyelids, watery and inflamed eyes. Patients exhibit sensitivity to any form of light too. All these symptoms begin to appear after the first 9 days from the time of infection. It has no known cure, but just like chicken pox, it can only attack you once in a lifetime. Doctors recommend giving paracetamol for the pain and keeping the infected person comfortable.
Identifying any of the above skin inflammations helps you take the necessary initial steps to prevent their spread and set you off on the path to recover.