What Can You Expect from Life in a Care Home at Christmas?

People’s perception of care homes in the UK range from luxury retreats for the elderly to dark and dingy common rooms where the old sit and play board games all day. If you’ve got the money, then maybe the perception could be true, however the others are simply not. The care home system in the UK is one of the best in the world, especially when you consider the size of the private health care sector compared to other countries. Furthermore, its not just the mentally ill or disabled that live in care homes either; there are thousands of able-bodied pensioners that choose to move in to a care home, simply because it’s a better standard of living than what they have at home!

The Benefits of a Care Home

There are so many benefits of moving into a care home that it’s hard to know where to begin. You won’t have to worry about the gas getting cut off because you’ve forgot to pay your bill, or brave the cold to get your weekly shopping – in a care home, everything is taken care of! Not only are the rooms spacious, but you’re allowed to bring with you whatever you like from your previous residence. You’ll have new bed sheets fitted every week, breakfast in bed, satellite television and even a phone in your room too, so you can always keep in contact with your loved ones.

Extra Care homes have lovely grounds and gardens to spend your time in, which is great for when it sun’s out. You can bring your grandchildren over, watch movies and have meals with them, just like you could before; the purpose of a care home is to improve the way you live, not to limit your lifestyle! If you’re thinking about moving into assisted living this Christmas, be sure to search care homes UK online.

Christmas in a Care Home

Christmas is a period of festivities and good cheer, and you won’t find a more vibrant and high-spirited place than a care home in the run up to Christmas. Apart from getting yourself out of bed and joining in with all the wonderful activities, you really won’t have to worry about a thing, not least the roast dinner!

Compared to living on your own during Christmas, a care home really is the perfect place to be, and it won’t take you long to make new friends either. Not only will the staff cater for your every need, but they’ll ensure you get to spend as much time as possible with your family. In fact, because of all the entertainment and great food, your family probably won’t want to leave! From entertainers and musicians to bingo, raffles and santa clauses for the kids, Christmas in a care home is a special occasion. You can even request special activities like cooking classes, wine tasting sessions, or if you like to be alone during Christmas, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of your own room.