What Causes Snoring: Its Effect On Oral Health

Don’t you just hate waking up in the morning and hearing your partner snoring? Or, perhaps they say the same thing about you? Snoring can be caused by many different things. It might be a problem, but it could be nothing. At the same time, you should understand that snoring may have an effect on your oral health. Within this guide, you’re going to learn about the causes of snoring and its impact on oral health.

Blocked Airways

There is a possibility that you’re only snoring during the allergy season. Or, you might experience snoring when you have a sinus infection. This is due to the fact that the allergies or the infection are actually blocking your nasal airways. In return, this causes you to snore when you breathe at night. Nose deformities may also be causing the obstruction and the snoring.

Muscles In The Tongue And Throat

Believe it or not, you have muscles in the tongue and throat. In some cases, these muscles can become week and too relaxed. In return, this will cause them to collapse and enter into the airway. Weakened muscles are often the direct results of sleeping pills, alcohol and deep sleep. As you get older, you’ll become more susceptible to this problem as well.


People that are overweight are also more prone to snoring. If losing weight, you might be able to stop snoring each and every night.

Palate And Uvula

Some people have a longer uvula or palate than others. This too can create a problem. If one or the other is too long, there is a possibility that it is going to narrow the opening between the throat and nose. Then, these two things will bump into one another and create a snore. Unfortunately, there is very little that you can do to solve this problem.

Effects On Oral Health

It should be known that snoring can cause oral health problems. This is the case, because snoring can cause dry mouth or xerostomia, which is nothing more than a lack of saliva needed to keep oral tissues properly moist. The American Dental Association believes that this can lead to oral health issues. It can cause halitosis, infections, sores, gum disease, and even burning mouth syndrome. Certain dental procedures for snoring may also have a negative effect on oral cavities. Oral appliance therapy is the most common treatment and users have reported that it can cause negative side effects.

If you’re experiencing any of these oral health problems, you should speak with a dentist immediately. Visiting Angel Care Dental or another clinic in your area is highly recommended.

Other Issues

Snoring can cause a wealth of other issues as well. For instance, it can actually cause your breathing to become interrupted. The interruption can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. It can also put additional strain on your heart and cause you to get a poor night’s sleep. Snoring might seem like only an annoyance. However, it can become a serious problem. Speak with a doctor to find out what you can do.