What Does Sinusitis Cost?

Sinusitis is a very obstructive but generally non-lethal disease. It is characterized by the inflammation of the sinuses. Often when there is sinusitis, over-the-counter remedies are taken to alleviate the pain and to de-clog runny nose. However, there are times medical professionals would consider advising patients to undergo surgery to remove the sinus. The idea is that without the sinus there would be no sinusitis. Here are some ideas on the cost of taking the misery caused by sinusitis.

How much it would cost?

If your doctor recommends you to go under the knife to remove your sinuses, it is best to learn that it is generally safe. There have been improvements in medical technology over the past 30 years making it one of the most common operations.

Normally, a sinusitis event is being remedied by over-the-counter drugs, like Sudafed, which cost around $5 to $8. If you are thinking about sinus surgery to remove the threat of sinusitis then that would be an entirely different story.

Many sources online quotes the before insurance cost of a septoplasty is from $6,000 to $7,000. A total package can reach as high as $18,700 including the cost of the professional fee and anesthesia. There is no indication how much would be the room and board while recovering.

Remember that if you do have a health insurance policy, you’re more than likely going to be covered.  Check with your provider to see what you’re going to be responsible for.

What is expected during the surgery?

Normally, a septoplasty may include the anesthesiologist that will administer the pain killers. It also includes nursing and pre-operative care, which is often done prior to the surgery. Also included in the cost is the surgery itself and also the room and board should you need to stay at the hospital for a few days. This is important if the patient is suffering from bleeding disorders or diabetes. More often, the surgery is an outpatient procedure which does not require hospital stay.

What are the extra costs to think about?

If the patient is suffering from diabetes and bleeding disorders there would be a need for extra days of hospital stay. Also, if there is a reason for the operation is at high risk for infection there may be a need to stay at the hospital which can increase the costs. There could also be laboratory tests and blood work that may be needed to performed especially among diabetics to determine if they are ready to undergo a surgery.

Factors that influence the price

The prices of the health care facility or hospital are one of the things needed for consideration. There are facilities that are cheaper but may be less equipped than the others. Also, the cost of physicians and anesthesiologist’s fee can vary depending on the background, experience and expertise of the professional. Another factor that can influence the price is the fluctuating costs of medicines and also the various room rates if there is a need to stay at the hospital. Normally, the procedure is an out-patient procedure which does not require any lengthy hospital stay apart from the surgery itself.

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