What Pests Are Most Commonly Found in the Home?

What Pests Are Most Commonly Found in the Home?

While most people, okay all people, cringe at the thought of any type of pests invading their home, many people don’t realize the extreme health hazard that comes with many of these pests. That is why, it’s so important to make sure that you have reputable pest control for your home, no matter what type of pests are invading. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the most common household pests that could be invading your Tennessee home as we speak.


One of the most common household pests, as most of us know, are roaches. There are many different species of roaches out there, but cockroaches are the ones that invade homes most often. They live in the walls of your home, warm houses, and most often in kitchens where food and water are readily available. They feel on anything available and leave behind bacteria that can make your family sick. The best way to ensure that your home isn’t invading by these common household pests is by hiring a reputable pest control in Nashville, TN to come in and take care of the problem for you, prevention and treatment.

Bed Bugs

There are many, many myths associated with bed bugs out there. So many in fact, that people believe they can’t get bed bugs if their homes or clean or that they can treat them with natural methods or home remedies. Bed bugs come into your home on everything from the cuffs of your pants to the handbag you sat down in your hotel room. They live in clean and dirty homes and home remedies very seldom ever work to completely eradicate them.


If you have seen small, silver or grey insects in your home and aren’t sure quite what they are. They are most probably silverfish and they are household pests that can contaminate food, your paper products, and leave stains on your clothes. While they don’t bite or leave bacteria behind, they are still not something you want in your home or around your food, family, and pets.

Mice and Rodents

Everyone knows that mice and other rodents carry diseases and will chew the wiring in your home, making them one of the most dangerous household pests around that isn’t poisonous. It’s best to call in pest control to deal with these pests because they often elude homemade and other traps.

Home Solutions

While many people swear by home solutions and over the counter pest control methods, they usually only work to reduce the problem, not eliminate it altogether. The best way to do that is by having reputable pest control on call and coming out to your home on a regular basis. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pest control and the safety of your family.

These are just a few of the most common household pests out there that could be invading your home at this very moment. From silverfish to roaches and from bed bugs to mice, pest control that is professional and done on a regular basis is your best line of defense.