What Really Happens to Your Body on a Crash Diet

With summer quickly approaching there is more pressure on you than ever to get that perfect beach body that you’ve been dreaming about. It can be tempting to go on a crash diet. The thing is, crash dieting causes more health problems than it fixes. 

In a matter of weeks, you’ll find yourself dehydrated, tired, and weak. You may be telling yourself that these problems would be completely worth it if you lose your weight goal. That would be wrong as well. 

To help you weigh all the pros and cons of crash dieting here is everything that your body will go through during the process.

1. That’s Not Fat You’re Losing 

When you first start your crash diet it will feel like the weight is melting off of you. In truth, this is water weight. When you stop taking in carbs, your body compensates by breaking down glycogen which contains water. 

The dehydration and dizziness you’ll feel won’t be worth it because you’ll gain this weight back when your crash diet is over. 

2. Your Muscle Starts Dropping 

If you’ve gained a lot of muscle in the gym, prepare to say goodbye to it if you go on a crash diet. When you stop eating as many calories your body desperately looks for other protein that it can break down. It ends up taking it from your muscles. 

3. The Metabolism Actually Slows Down 

Once your body takes as much from your muscles as it can, it goes even further into panic mode. When your body flips this switch your metabolism slows down to try and hold in as many calories as it can. In short, you’ll stop losing as much weight. 

4. You Lose Your Strength

Your strength stat is dependent on how many muscles you have. So, naturally, you lose this strength when your body starts breaking down your muscles. You’ll also get sick more often. 

Your immune system depends on the nutrition that you get from meals. If you stop eating then it slows down. If you’re worried about your body getting the right nutrition then it’s much more efficient to go with a Healthy Gourmet Miami meal plan than crash diet.  

With most meal plans you can tell them exactly what you want in your diet and they will deliver. 

5. Mental Exhaustion 

When you stop eating, your mind will go under a ton of stress because your body is hungry. You won’t be able to perform basic activities not only because you don’t have the strength but also because you won’t be able to focus on the smallest chore. 

What Happens to Your Body When You Go on a Crash Diet 

While it can be tempting to go on a crash diet so you can get that perfect beach body you’re looking for, it can do more harm than good. We hope that you take a little something away from this guide and decide to stick to good old fashioned healthy diet and exercise. 

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