What Will A Chiropractor Do For Back Pain?

When faced with back pain, many individuals choose to seek the care of a chiropractor. Approximately 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year. Of those millions of people, over seven million see a chiropractor for back pain. Other aches and pains that bring individuals to a chiropractor include pain in the head, neck, arms, and legs.

What Is Chiropractic Medicine?

Chiropractors use their hands and other devices for spinal manipulation and restore mobility to restricted or injured joints. Most often, chiropractic care is a means to treat pain or discomfort of the skeletal system or joints and muscles.

What Are The Types Of Chiropractic Adjustments?

Although there are different types of chiropractic treatments used, most chiropractors have a handful of go-to adjustments that they use the most. These can be tweaked from patient to patient, although for the most part, they are done in the same way and achieve the same outcome.

Drop-Table Technique

The drop table technique, or Thompson Technique, uses a unique table that drops a fraction of an inch in one area when the chiropractor adjusts the patient. The table dropping assists in the adjustment, and the patient only feels a small vibration and may hear the sound of the table. For alignment of the spine or outer extremities, chiropractors use this method.

Diversified Technique

This technique is similar to the Gonstead Technique, but it is used to adjust other areas of the spine or extremities. It involves precise, hands-on thrusts to adjust the particular area of concern. This technique requires the chiropractor to have an in-depth knowledge of the bone and ligament structure of the entire body, and the ability to determine which course of action would be the best.

Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead adjustment adjusts the lower back or pelvis while the patient is laying on their side. It will realign joints, reduce stiffness and pain, and can help increase mobility. Although possibly one of the more awkward adjustments to have done, it has given many patients relief from lower back and hip pain.

Decompression Manipulation

Decompression manipulation is also be referred to as flexion distraction, or the Cox Technique. Over half of all chiropractic clinics use this method. It is commonly utilized for disc herniation, scoliosis, facet joint pain, and other such symptoms or conditions. This manipulation requires a unique adjusting table.

Activator Technique

This technique uses a small, handheld instrument that provides a gentle thumping impulse into the particular vertebrae that the chiropractor wants to target. It is used to treat the spine or extremities and can alleviate headaches, low back pain, and other such symptoms. 

How Many Times Do I Need To Go To A Chiropractor?

There is no set number of visits a person should see a chiropractor in order to experience relief. Some individuals experience relief after the first visit, while others must have several treatments before they experience relief. 

After your first visit, your chiropractor will develop an individualized care plan for your condition and will specify how you can best benefit from chiropractic care. 

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