Why dentists recommend that you use dental floss every day

Although many people make a point of brushing their teeth daily as the dentist advises, they forget one important thing – flossing.  Most of these people do not consider flossing as an important part of maintaining one’s oral health. Flossing involves cleaning the space in between the teeth. This is different from brushing as it mainly focuses on the outer surfaces of the teeth. With this procedure, you can clean the small space between the teeth and the gum bases.  These are the areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. And although a mouthwash can remove plaque and bacteria in these areas, it cannot remove particles of food that are lodged in between the teeth. It is for this reason that Digital Dentists at Southpoint recommend that you use a dental floss everyday. Below, we will look at the perks that the procedure brings.

Prevents gum disease

Flossing removes dirt and plaque that is hidden at the base of the gums and the space in between the teeth. These are areas where a regular toothbrush cannot reach and when it accumulates, it leads to gum disease. Research has revealed that people who floss their teeth regularly have fewer bacteria in their mouth and thus, are less prone to periodontal and gum diseases. Therefore, flossing will reduce your chances of catching this disease.  

More effective than brushing

Proper teeth cleaning are achieved through a combination of brushing and dental floss. This is because; there are some food particles and bacteria that hide in the spaces in between the teeth. About 30% of the surface of the teeth is hidden and if you do not floss, you are not able to remove food particles.  The good thing with flossing is that, it is designed to remove both food particles and bacteria lodged in between the teeth. 

Reduces bleeding

Those who regularly floss their teeth are less likely to bleed when compared to those who don’t.  That is the reason why people who experience pain while brushing are more apprehensive of flossing. They think that they are going to suffer more pain while undergoing the procedure. However, if you do some flossing for a few weeks, you can be able to remove bacteria that cause sensitivity and inflammation in the gums. And if you continue with flossing, the process is going to be easier.  

Prevents bad breath

Bad breath is a common oral problem that is faced by millions of people around the world. The foul breath results from bacteria that attack food particles trapped in between the gum line and teeth. Their action leads to bad breath that makes one very uncomfortable. Luckily, flossing daily can help remove food particles and thereby eliminate the foul breath in the mouth. Without the food particles, bacteria will not have anything to work on.  

Helps dental work last longer

Flossing not only leaves you with a cleaner mouth, but also a healthier smile. On the other hand, if you had some tooth procedures done such as fillings or crowns, doing daily floss will make them last longer.  Dirt and bacteria in between the teeth can shorten the life and effectiveness of these procedures.


A good dental floss is important for it will not only lead to a healthy mouth, but also give you a beautiful smile. And for the best result, dentists recommend that a dental floss should be done on a daily basis.