You Don’t Have To Suffer From Trauma Anymore

When you think about trauma, you don’t really think about it as being “close to home”, although as some point in everyone’s life they will experience it.  We aren’t prepared for it in most cases and how we process it can make all the difference in the world.  Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes – from medical diagnoses to divorce to the death of a loved one.  Being a witness to a traumatic event is also life-altering, whether you were directly the victim of that trauma or not.  Regardless of the trauma and how it impacted you, you still need the tools to grow past it.

For everyone, the trauma will be different; however, what defines a trauma is much more universal in nature.  A traumatic experience is literally defined as an event that elicits an emotional response to something terrible or overwhelmingly intense.  That event is typically followed by any of the following: denial, shock, and emotional shutdowns.  Those responses can trigger flashbacks, depression, headaches, nausea, and many more physical and emotional challenges.  That’s why it is critical that survivors process these events properly and learn how to manage the long-term implications of them.

Rewire Therapy is an online platform created and curated by medical and integrative care professionals to help survivors heal from the trauma that has impacted their daily lives, whether they realize it yet or not.  Rewire Therapy isn’t traditional talk therapy.  Instead, the Rewire process is different.  This is a much more organic and holistic approach to healing that focuses on the trauma-affected nervous system.  The platform uses somatic and expressive therapies, which includes nutrition, hypnosis, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Qigong, Vagal Toning, as well as other modalities in the healing process.

“Many survivors experience less frequent and intense emotional triggers after practicing Rewire Therapy’s exercises,” says Tanya Zajedel, a Psychiatric Nurse and the Co-Founder of Rewire Therapy.  “In my own trauma healing journey, I discovered most therapists are not trained to recognize and work with a frazzled and burnt-out nervous system.  This is odd to me, because, often just talking about a trauma in therapy triggers the fight/flight/freeze response which causes the speech area of the brain to shut down. This is why our process is so essential to healing.”

Rewire Therapy offers convenient, cutting-edge programs that were specifically designed to help clients heal in as little as 10-20 minutes per day.  Rewire combines proven therapies into an accessible, complete program that has helped tens of thousands of trauma survivors to date.  These science-backed modalities, when combined with some of the most experienced trauma therapists from around the globe, create a program that truly makes a difference.  For some it is almost immediate.  

The company is also focused on long-term wellness, which it integrates into their therapy program.  The strategies clients get from the program are both practical and easy-to-complete, while the modules from certified trauma therapists can jumpstart your healing process.  You don’t have the be the victim of a major crime or a divorce to join the Rewire program.  Instead, you can be someone that is simply suffering from what you perceive to be a traumatic event, which in turn, creates a traumatic response.  Healing the trauma-impacted nervous system is a game changer for anyone and everyone who wants to live a calmer, healthier life.