Amanda Smith

A blogger based in San Diego, California, Amanda Smith has a penchant for writing about technology and gadgets, travel and arts, health and wellness, and just about anything that tickles her fancy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy catching up on her favorite sitcoms with her yellow Labrador, Chandler Tribbiani. More of her works can be found at

  • Sweat to Sculpt: Body Sculpting Tips for Women

    If there’s one thing a lot of women can agree on, it’s having the power to get more fit day by day. Lifting weights and sculpting abs have surely evolved to become not only a guy’s thing, but also a trend that many women are starting to get obsessed about. If you are one of […]

  • Fun Exercises for Female Seniors

    With aging comes different body changes and complications. But the good news is, no one’s ever too young or too old to stay fit! Being healthy and looking good is something you owe to yourself. To do so, one must be committed in eating right and staying active. Exercising doesn’t need to be boring. Here […]