10 Reasons to Have A Bottleless Water Cooler

If you already have a water cooler that you order bottles for or are looking to have a new cooler installed in your premises but don’t know which is best for you and the planet, then read on. Below are the 10 major benefits of having a bottleless water cooler.

  1.  Let’s start with the obvious reason. No bottles!  The bottleless coolers are plumbed into the mains water supply which immediately removes the chores of ordering and replacing bottles and budgeting accordingly. You know that more water can be drunk by thirsty staff during a summer’s day than a winter one, but you won’t need to calculate the consumption levels and temperatures, placing an order during your already busy day. You will never run out of water. The mains take the strain.
  1. There are no heavy water bottles to lift. It removes the risk of injury when there’s no delivery to coordinate or replacements of empty bottles on the unit. That’s one health and safety concern banished. 
  1. No unnecessary invoices or administration tasks. Choose a company that bills you once a year, it makes life so much simpler when you don’t have to carry out ongoing management.
  1. The water is filtered through a sophisticated reverse osmosis process so that it tastes superior to tap water and has had the impurities removed. Therefore, it is healthier for consumption. 
  1. Hands free operation water coolers deliver exceptional hygiene. In the age of Covid 19, handwashing, disinfecting and staying metres apart, the hands free water cooler is a device that removes stress as it hydrates. Mains water, a foot pedal and excellent value for money.
  1. Bottleless water coolers are undoubtedly better for the environment. Simply removing the plastic content from your water cooler solution has a positive impact on planet Earth. There is no production or distribution chain polluting the atmosphere. A welcome bi-product of not requiring bottle deliveries is less vehicles on the road so there’s less congestion and fuel fumes. Carbon footprint reduction is a key concern, bottleless water coolers provide a convenient solution that also keeps you safe. Harvard University research on sustainability states that, “The entire life cycle of bottled water uses fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and causes pollution.”  Do you really want that negativity attached to your water?
  1. Worryingly, many single use bottles never find their way to recycling plants. Millions per year are dumped in the landfill, so if you prefer buying small single use bottled water, how environmentally friendly are your choices? Why can’t you shift to a proven quality alternative, the bottleless water cooler?
  1. Reclaim valuable floor space. With no bottles to find a home for, you can use an area for more attractive or productive reasons.
  1. You save money with bottleless water coolers. They cost a fraction of their bottle water cooler cousins bills. In these tough trading times, saving on an essential of life, water, is a welcome occurrence.
  2. You can enjoy free trials of bottleless water coolers with the leading companies so you can try it and check that it works in your unique situation, before you make a commitment.

How necessary is water to your staff and business?

You may not realise that keeping your staff hydrated with a refreshing water cooler supply offers a considerable return on investment. Health studies have alerted us to the realization that as two thirds of the human body is water and it depends on water for functionality we need to be well hydrated for optimum motor and cognitive abilities, concentration, productivity and stability, toxin clearance and overall good health. Even mild dehydration causes a reduction in output and wellbeing. It’s little appreciated that people feel thirsty only after they become dehydrated, when there is a problem in evidence. People also suffer mood changes, energy crises, cramps, headaches, kidney problems and confusion or dizziness when hydration levels drop.

When people visit their GP stating they have lingering fatigue, a great number of cases require one treatment. Hydration. So, why not help your team to help themselves by providing a pocket friendly, reliable and fresh tasting solution that will encourage them to drink more, simply because they want to. That’s how good water cooler water tastes.

You should find hot water boilers information available through bottleless water cooler firms. Water coolers designed specifically for schools and staff rooms are another option. Whatever the requirements, please be reassured that there is a selection of efficient solutions on offer through leading companies.

There’s no excuse to be dehydrated.