10 Warning Signs Of Mental Illness

There are times when you have to be afraid if you are not behaving properly. If you do something about an illness at an early stage then it can reduce the severity of the illness so it is better to act early. These are signs you must watch out since you will get a hint that something is definitely not right. It could lead to a major mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Before going to the signs of mental illness, it is important to note that a person experiencing several of these should immediately seek help from a mental health professional. Without further adieu, here are the signs:

1) Mood swings

When you feel happy one minute then suddenly feel so angry the next then you know you are in one of those mood swings especially when there is no good reason for it.

2) Uncharacteristic behavior

When you suddenly get out in a tirade about something you thought you did not do even if everyone knows you as a calm and cool person.

3) Appetite changes

You know something is wrong when you are craving for sweets even if you know yourself as a dedicated vegetarian.

4) Fear of others

You suddenly have a strong suspicion that someone might do something awful to you without a good reason. It is normal to be afraid of someone who is known to be a bad person but if you don’t know one person but you are afraid of him then there is something wrong with that.

5) Sense of unreality

You suddenly feel out of this world and begin to act strange. You suddenly feel that everything is not where it is supposed to be. It is like acting not real to the feelings of others.

6) Social withdrawal

When you suddenly feel like isolating yourself from the group then that is a problem. You may want to put yourself in a corner while other people are talking about their lives.

7) Hard to explain problems with concentration, memory and speech

You suddenly forgot what happened with you even if it was just the other day. There is suddenly something wrong with the way you talk as the people around you can’t understand anything you say. You suddenly can’t concentrate with the task at hand at work because there seems to be something bothering you.

8) Loss of desire to participate in any activity

You suddenly feel like there is nothing interesting to do even if it means giving up all the things you normally do.

9) Heightened sensitivity to 5 senses

You suddenly have some unusual reaction whenever you touch, smell, hear, see or listen to something. For example, you would suddenly smell something that is too sour even though it doesn’t smell that much for the others.

10) Drop in functioning

This could mean a lot of things including a drop in school performance, games where you usually excel and the daily activities like cooking and driving.

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Leanne Ridges is always on the lookout for people who exhibit signs of mental illness. She wants to prevent people from getting sick of this illness because she knows it is hard to recover from it. She might thinking that group therapy is also the best option to recover from mental illness.