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Life after Heroin addiction treatment

After you have completed your heroin addiction treatment, the real work begins. It is a time to celebrate an achievement but it is also a time of stress as you leave the confines and support of the rehabilitation clinic and must take control of the rest of your life. The prospect can be intimidating but these suggestions will help you to lead a happy and clean life post treatment.

Continue outpatient treatment

An important part of the recovery process is professional counselling and support. Continuing with outpatient care will keep you in touch with the support you will need to stay drug free. Continued counselling will help you deal any emotional problems that might arise, set new goals and handle situations that might trigger a relapse.

Your environment

If after your heroin addiction treatment you return to your old neighbourhood and frequent your old haunts, old memories will be aroused and might spark a relapse. There is the risk that meeting old friends and possibly your former drug suppliers could prove too much of a temptation. Moving to a new environment where everything is new to you and perhaps does not attract drug dealers or other unsavoury types may be a good option if your previous environment poses too much risk.

Support groups

Joining a support group is a great way to help you stay off drugs. You may initially be reluctant to take part, but once you become more confident and trusting in the group, you will find that the support you receive will help you through difficult times. Other members of the group will be able to offer advice from their own experience while you will have the satisfaction of helping them in return.

Watch your health

Maintaining a good diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and staying fit with regular exercise is an important factor in staying drug free. It will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle, which can be addictive in a positive way. It will also make you feel good about yourself and make you want to keep things that way as you begin to enjoy life more.

Hobbies and pastimes

If you are enjoying life, there is much less likelihood of you suffering a relapse. Hobbies and other pastimes will help shift your focus from your addiction to activities that will give you pleasure and a sense of achievement in life.

Stay alert and be prepared

Around half of those who complete heroin addiction treatment will relapse at some stage during recovery. You have to remain alert to any indications that might suggest a possible relapse, identify the problem and deal with it. Your counsellor, family and friends will all be there to help you overcome the problem; they may even be the ones to notice a problem in the first place. Remember that addiction can never be cured. This means that even a tiny quantity of drugs could trigger a major relapse, something that must be avoided at all costs.