Summer Is Coming: 5 Ways an Air Conditioner Benefits Your Family’s Health

Summer is coming, and it’s bringing heat, humidity, allergens, bugs, and pests. You’ve been considering an air conditioner, but have been unable to justify it yet. The following 5 benefits to family health should provide you with undeniable justification.

1. Air conditioners pull unnecessary moisture out of the air:

Less humidity means less allergens. High humidity in a home can create a lot of problems: Mold, dust mites, and bugs all love moisture. Mold may sometimes be toxic, but it is always an allergen, and so are dust mites. Dust mites like to burrow deep into carpet fibers and especially bedding. Reducing the amount of moisture in the air is the first step many home experts will recommend to getting rid of these allergens and pests.

2. Air conditioners filter dust and other particles out of the air:

The A/C filter is great to get all of those annoying dust particles out of the air. They also catch other possible contaminants in the air. You may notice a slight stench of mildew if the air conditioner has not been run in a while; ventilation is key to keeping inside air fresh.

3. A/C helps to relieve asthma:

One of the direct results of cleaner air and lower humidity is the reduction of asthma attacks. Asthma can sometimes be caused by allergens or other irritants; once these are removed from the air, the occurrence of attacks is significantly lessened.

4. Cooler temperatures yield a more active mind:

There’s a reason the temperature at your office is always a little on the cooler side of comfortable. Studies have shown that warmer temperatures create a more lazy and content feeling; cooler temperatures yield higher productivity in workers. The same can be said of the home A/C: Your kids will be less lazy and more apt to do homework and physical activities.

5. Air conditioners reduce the risk of dehydration and stress:

Higher indoor temperatures make residents sweaty and uncomfortable. The more you sweat, the more water that is required to keep you hydrated. Constant heat can contribute to dehydration if residents are not taking the proper care to drink lots of water throughout the day. This can also lead to high stress situations; if you’re not comfortable, you’re more likely to be stressed out and even lash out unnecessarily. An air conditioner generally makes people happier.

These 5 health benefits are more than enough to stop dragging your feet and join the air conditioning community. Come to the cool side.

Informational Credit:

This article was inspired by Certified Appliance, a Las Vegas air conditioning repair company.