2019: A Year to Save Lives by Supporting the Disque Foundation

Resolved: 2019 will be a year of education and empowerment. It will be a year in which we support organizations that advance the life of a community by teaching citizens how to save lives, in and outside their respective communities. It will be a year in which our support gives more people a chance to learn basic life support (BLS) skills and CPR.

It will be a year in which the Disque Foundation, whose commitment to saving lives is impressive, continues to impress us with its many ways—both online and in-person—to learn CPR. It will be a year to take inspiration from the achievements of 2018.

I can think of no other procedure that is as relevant at home as it is abroad; that is as essential to saving one life as it is indispensable to saving all lives; that is as valuable to residents of our biggest cities as it is vital to members of our smallest communities; that is as important to the survival of the richest town as it is invaluable to the success of the poorest village.

By supporting the Disque Foundation, we begin 2019 with clarity and confidence.

We begin in the lead by championing the Disque Foundation, so its leadership can inspire—and improve—the world.