3 Health Risks at Home for the Elderly and How to Prevent Them

The older you get, the easier it is to fall and hurt yourself. It’s an inevitable consequence of old age, and that is why you must also put more effort into keeping various health risks at bay.

For starters, there’s the matter of slipping and falling within the home. It could happen in many rooms, although some areas are more susceptible than others. Take the example of the bathroom and the water that can accumulate on the floor from showering. You can easily purchase some anti-slip mats to prevent any injuries from happening. The second aspect is the fact that you must continuously take care of your mind and body, as you want it to remain sharp and intact, especially during your retirement years. Last but not least, there’s the matter of getting extra help when needed. More information on all of these is provided below.

  • Slipping and falling

Slipping and falling are common when it comes to injuries and risks within the home. In particular, you must watch out for:

  • Bathroom

Remember the last time you tried to get out of your bathtub or shower and nearly slipped on the floor as a result of the water. Whether you are young or old, this is something that happens to everyone. The problem is that an elderly person can get injured much worse due to their age, and thus purchasing various mats for the floor and ensuring everything is slip-proof is a must

  • Stairs

It’s easy to miss a step sometimes, especially if it’s even slightly more dark than usual. This is another area of your home that you will have to be careful around to prevent a fall, and some people may even choose to install a stair chair lift. This is especially important if you are older and cannot properly go up and down the stairs.

  • Taking care of your mind and body

Other health risks that can happen are a result of you not taking proper care of your mind and body. Whether it’s eating healthy and balanced meals, exercising, among other activities, there are many options for what you can do to enhance your health. Even something as simple as getting more sleep can help you reduce various health risks.

  • Getting the necessary help

To take the necessary preventative measures and ensure that you are always kept safe, it is necessary to get extra help. There are always friends and family members that are there for you in situations where you need them, but more than this, you should have a back-up if you are home alone. You can invest in some of the best medical alert systems, such that with the click of a button you can summon someone to help you.

Because old age can bring with it more health problems, it is paramount that you take extra safety measures, both within the home and outside of it. Remember, accidents can happen anywhere, and that is why you must always be cautious and prepared. Do you have insurance? Can you call a friend or family member if something were to happen? These are important considerations to keep top of mind.