3 Reasons Why Home Health Services Need Call Answering Receptionists

No one expected life to change as quickly as it did in the last year. Society went from being fully functional to everything closing down. The spread of the novel coronavirus has affected all of our lives, and it’s going to be here for a while.  

Many businesses couldn’t handle this shock, and they closed down. The only things that were open were essential services and the people who worked in those facilities. That put a new perspective on many people’s minds. Everyone wondered what was truly important, and the things we need are apparent. Click here to find out more. 

We need food, shelter, electricity, water, and medicine. If you remove any one of those things, society will fall apart. Staying home and being quarantined was difficult for many people, but we almost made it through the entire pandemic. Educational institutions were the first to implement online learning methods, and the rest of the world followed.  

Health services changed too. Even though working from home is the best way not to get infected, there are still some complications when changing a plan. Being in a hurry produces many mistakes, and people can often make bad choices when they’re under pressure.  

If you’re a professional who wants to transition incoming business calls, the best thing to is to have a live answering receptionist. Here are the three best reasons to do it, and how it will help your business stay alive during these difficult times. 

Reason 1 

If the central office closes down, that doesn’t mean that the entire company needs to shut down as well. If there isn’t anyone to answer the calls during your operating hours, you will lose a lot of customers. All those inbound calls will go to the answering machine.  

Imagine if you were your own customer. You try calling a few times, and no one answers the phone. The chances of you doing it again are incredibly slim. No one wants to be a nuisance, and everyone will stop dialing if no one is there to pick up their call.  

On the other hand, if you had a live receptionist, the whole situation would be different. Using someone to answer the phone while the main office is closed down will prevent your business from stagnation. You can visit Main Line for more info. That way, there won’t be any lost opportunities for new people to convert to becoming customers. 

All of your other employees will keep on working from home, and the place will look like nothing is different. Nothing makes you appear as capable as never shutting your doors. That’s especially true when the whole world is going through the first pandemic in the last hundred years. 

Reason 2 

You can’t catch a virus over the telephone. Working in the health industry comes with a load of added risks. You never know who is sick and who is healthy. And it’s hard to tell who carries an illness inside of their body before performing a checkup.  

If you often interact with patients as a professional health service, the chances of you getting sick become exponentially higher. Not only that, but you can infect other people too. Let’s say that everyone respects the rules and stays home without interacting with anyone who’s not their family. We’ll also take into consideration that the average family has four people.  

If you see a hundred people in a day, the chances of you catching the coronavirus get quite high. It’s the same as if you were exposed to your patient’s families too. If the first person to come in had the disease, you could potentially infect the other 99 that come after him or her. Going virtual and using your own device is the safest thing you can do at this moment. You will be connected with all your customers and patients, even during these dangerous times. 

Reason 3 

No one will ever know your private number. There are many companies on the market that can disguise your private number and make it seem like you’re calling from your office telephone. This makes your job easier since you would have used the same device, the only thing that would be different is the location. Follow this link for more infohttps://www.mentalfloss.com/article/71371/20-behind-scenes-secrets-9-1-1-dispatchers 

This allows you to call anyone you need to, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The person on the other side will never know that you’re in your house, relaxing on the couch or sofa while you’re talking to them. This is one of the best advantages that come with working from home. You’ll protect your privacy while doing whatever you want.  

How should your receptionists talk? 

There are a few things that everyone can do to make communication smoother, better, and leave a lasting impression of positivity. Every call starts with a greeting. Saying hello won’t do it in a professional niche. Phrases like “How may we help you?” and “Thank you for calling” are much better alternatives. 

You could also add your company name in the greeting, but that’s optional. Manners are also a key component in every conversation. Some people who are naturally nice don’t have any issues blending in with experienced receptionists. The crucial thing is asking for information instead of demanding it.  

A phrase like “May I know who’s calling?” is much better than saying, “Tell me your name.” In addition to that, you could throw in a “thank you” or “please” whenever you think it’s appropriate. It doesn’t matter if the person who’s calling is the angriest in the world.  

If you treat them with respect, they will feel better and happier, and almost all of the time, they will add to the conversation with a few nice words of their own. In case there is something you don’t know, the best thing to do is deflect, rather than saying you don’t know. Saying that you’ll find out whatever your caller makes you look caring in their eyes. This does wonders for your reputation. Remember always to be calm, and you won’t ever have a problem.