3 Tips for Business Travelers to Stay Healthy on the Go

Business travel is often viewed as a perk of the job. But that notion can quickly be erased if you spend too much time on the road. After enough whirlwind trips through cities you barely get to see — and especially if you go to the same place over and over again — jet-setting can quickly just become a nuisance that disrupts your normal life.

One of the biggest hurdles is trying to stay healthy. Between airport food, meals on the go, and overstuffed workdays that keep you from getting any exercise, it’s common to return home feeling defeated. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you place a priority on staying healthy during a business trip, it is possible. In trying to keep fit while away, the following three tips can be a lifesaver — literally. 

1. Use the Hotel Gym

Most hotels don’t have real gyms. But even Holiday Inns and budget hotels now usually have a fitness center of some sort. Take advantage of this as much as you can. No, it probably won’t be the same as your normal workout or training routine. But even a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill or exercise bike will activate your muscles and get your heart going.

This isn’t enough to lose weight, but just staying active and stretching out your neck, back, and limbs will do wonders to prevent plane fatigue and undo some of the damage of walking around in dress shoes all day. That way, when you do get back home, you’ll be ready to attack a real workout on day one rather than needing several days just for your body to recover from the rigors of travel.

2. Identify Good Eating Options

Chances are you won’t be doing much cooking while away for business. That means you have two options: eating whatever junk is nearby or seeking out some healthy options. Especially if you are going to be at the same hotel for awhile, the best thing you can do is take a walk around to see what is close by as soon as you arrive. 

Though you might only see a McDonald’s at first, chances are there is something with better offerings not far off. Even certain healthier chain restaurants, like Veggie Grill or Panera Bread, can work. Then, if you find a place with a good menu that has healthy dishes, don’t be afraid to just keep going there again and again. Sure, it’s nice to sample various local foods, but this is work — not vacation — and business trips usually keep you busy. Prioritize good nutrition and don’t feel guilty about missing out.

3. Bring Vitamins and Healthy Snacks

Even if you try hard to eat right, it’s likely you will slip up a little bit. Long hours in an unfamiliar location — on top of work dinners with drinks — usually lead to consuming extra calories and more fatty or fried foods. 

This means it is doubly important to bring along the right vitamins and diet supplements. If last night’s long steakhouse dinner included too many french fries and one more glass of wine than you needed, be mindful to eat a lite fruit breakfast the next day along with just a protein bar or healthy nut mix that you brought from home for this very occasion. 

Added to proper supplements, bought from a reputable provider of quality vitamins such as Amway, you will feel much better throughout the day and return home without packing on extra pounds.

Sticking to Your Health Goals

It’s easy to just throw your hands up when it comes to staying healthy during business travel. And if you only take a few trips per year, sure, go nuts. Gorge yourself on whatever local cuisine is available.

But the more you travel and the less attention you pay to your well being while on the go, the harder it will be to hit your overall health and fitness goals. Instead, don’t dig yourself into a hole. Do at least a little bit of exercise, locate some good meal options, and bring your vitamins.

On top of staying in better shape, your work may even improve with a higher energy level and a better mood. Put in a little bit of effort now and your body will thank you later.