3 Types of Yoga Classes

The benefits of yoga are well-documented. Improved balance, greater flexibility and decreased pain are some of the results regular participants report. Whether you are new to yoga, or you are searching for new classes, Alive + Well offers yoga in Bee Cave.

Here are three types of yoga you can practice.


Hatha yoga is the practice of yoga poses. Many in the yoga field believe that in the West, the most common yoga that is practiced is Hatha. This is because it allows a beginner to learn the poses. It also gives yoga veterans the opportunity to improve their technique. An experienced yoga instructor can judge the level of their classes. If they determine a class can handle a challenge, they may add more strenuous poses.

In a Hatha yoga class, students are not likely to work up a sweat. They can expect to hold poses long enough to result in looser muscles, some soreness in the following days and a more relaxed mood.

If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to learn the poses. The instructor can help you with technique. Yoga focuses on the mind, so even if you believe you are not keeping up with the rest of the class, work your way through the challenges. Then, continue to practice what you have learned.


Gentle yoga can be defined in a variety of ways. Its name suggests that in this class, students will not practice a strenuous routine. For this reason, it is enjoyed by those who are currently recovering from an injury, attempting to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain and older adults.

All of those assumptions of gentle yoga are technically correct. Hatha yoga is also gentle. The difference between Hatha and Gentle yoga is that in the gentle class, students will practice a flow routine. They will also be asked to execute poses that involve sitting or laying on the floor that focus on stretching. Students can also expect to practice poses that require reclining at a slow flow pace.


Heated yoga has enjoyed increasing popularity over the last two decades. Students practice a yoga routine led by an experienced instructor in a room heated up to 105 degrees F and humidity of about 40%. Therefore, the dress code must be adhered to, strictly. You are advised to dress as if you are heading to the beach. Your attire should not impede your movements, and you should expect to sweat almost profusely.

The benefits of practicing yoga regularly are many. Whether you are interested in getting started, or you are interested in attending classes, again, Alive + Well offers yoga in Bee Cave.