4 Benefits to Removing Hair with a Laser

Laser is used in removing unwanted hair from the body without causing any burns or redness often resulting from shaving and waxing. Laser hair elimination involves hair reduction rather than totally removing hair from the body. Its purpose is to reduce the need for shaving and hair growth process.

Shaving and waxing are some other popular methods for hair removal. The difference in laser hair removal involves permanent removal of hair from the body. Unlike the other popular hair removal techniques, laser is more effective and produces long-lasting results.

Lasers are more precise because they only target hair follicles for burning instead of the skin. Here are some 4 benefits to removing hair using laser technology:

Top 4 Benefits of Hair Removal through Laser

  1. Removes Hair Effectively

Laser hair elimination method has been proven since 1997 as the most effective hair remover for purposes of hair reduction permanently. Reduction of hair permanently is a long-term solution because it reduces hair in a stable way after the treatment.

  1. Permanently Reduces Hair

Laser reduces hair permanently but research has not yet proven that it can permanently remove all the hair from the body. Effective hair removal is done at the stage of anagen when hair actively grows. Laser treatments should be received in series or consecutive times such as every three to four weeks.

Most people notice that after a series of treatment sessions, there’s a reduction in the volume of hair that grows. The few hair that might grow after laser treatment are lighter in color and finer.

  1. Removes Hair Fast

Laser uses light energy to remove hair from the skin. It can treat a huge amount of hair on a large surface area of the body at once. Depending on the surface area of your body, treatment time can range from one minute to fifteen or even thirty minutes. What’s best about it is that it does not leave behind residues after the treatment.

  1. Causes Less Pain

Pain factor varies from person to person when it comes to hair removal. Pain due to laser treatment is tolerable because the feeling is like that of a gentle pinch or that of a rubber band snap. The area of the body being treated also affects the pain factor because some are more sensitive than others.

Waxing is more painful that using laser. Shaving might also cause minor injuries because you risk cutting your skin using a razor, causing you pain.


Laser can be used on most body parts such as legs, armpits, arms, face, chest and the bikini area, making it a safe method for hair removal. It is an expensive hair removal method because many follow-up treatments are required. Despite this, there are several Do-It-Yourself treatments that can assist in maximization of the benefits you can gain using laser to remove hair.

Hair on your body grows in three stages; anagen, telogen and catagen. Laser effectively removes hair from the skin during the stages of hair growth called anagen. A concentrated beam of light from the laser is directed on the skin selectively aiming at removing hair follicles.

Laser converts its energy to heat that when directed on the hair follicles, burn them up hence preventing them from growing further.

Photo by GloriaMckelvy