4 Health Professionals You Should Have On Speed Dial

Today’s world is hectic and full of daily responsibilities. Keeping vital information on hand is made easier with technology such as the cell phone or smartphone that keeps important phone contacts available with just the touch of a button. Your speed dial should also hold the numbers of vital health professionals that you use on a regular basis. These numbers are often necessary during health emergencies and other times when you need information quickly.


1– Medical General Practitioner


Your family doctor is your go-to guy or gal whenever you have a medical emergency or health condition that requires immediate treatment. Many insurance companies require that you see your general practitioner before getting an appointment with a specialist, so having your family physician’s number on speed dial can help to facilitate getting the care you need. Having your regular doctor’s number on hand can also be helpful if you ever need to go into the emergency room to ensure that you get the best treatment for your specific medical needs.


2– Dentist


Your dentist is another important health professional that may be needed at a moment’s notice to relieve pain and get you back to other important duties. It’s common to break a tooth, lose a filling or have some other dental emergency that requires fast treatment. Dentists generally use an answering service that locates them within minutes. The dentist can then meet you at the office for emergency treatment of your problem. Having his or her number on hand can save you in time, in pain and in trouble and keep you functioning at your best.


3– Your Health Insurance Provider


Keeping your health insurance provider’s contact number on speed dial can help facilitate getting medical treatment during emergencies. Frequently, health insurance companies require approval before getting admitted to the hospital or for specific medical procedures. Also, any questions about coverage can be handled immediately while you are at the doctor’s office or other medical facility.


4– Chiropractor


If you have an ongoing back problem, neck tension or other musculoskeletal issue, your chiropractor should be one of the numbers on your speed dial. Chiropractic manipulation can quickly ease pain so that you can get quick relief and resume your busy day. Your local Colorado Springs chiropractor is ready to serve you with office hours that fit your needs. Just call ahead to make an appointment whenever you need an adjustment so that you can quickly continue performing your daily tasks.