Category: Injuries

  • A Look at the Most Common Surgical Procedures

    Surgery can be a very scary thing. It is an inherently worrying thing at the very least, and while we might trust the doctors and surgical staff completely, undergoing surgery involves putting our faith in another person or people. No matter how much confidence we might have in the individuals and organizations involved in our […]

  • How Do I Prove My Slip And Fall Injury Wasn’t Just Clumsiness?

    The reasons that accidents are called “accidents” is because they are unpredictable and unexpected. If you injure yourself due to a slip and fall, there are times when it might be someone or something else’s negligence that caused your accident, and other instances when it might be just random. The only way to know for […]

  • How To Take Action After An Injury

    There is perhaps no greater disruption to our lives than an unexpected and sudden injury or illness. We are moving through life, just following the course we have worked for years to develop, and then suddenly something happens that derails everything. This type of bad luck is tough enough when it is an illness that […]

  • 3 Tips for Caring For Burns On Your Skin

    While burns aren’t something that many people experience on a daily basis, when a burn does take place on your skin, it can be a very painful and irritating experience. So if you do get a burn, whether it be from a small fire at your home or from touching a hot surface, what should […]

  • Fell In The Ice? Is It A Sprain or Broken?

    Fell In The Ice? Is It A Sprain or Broken? Ice skating definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you live in the north then you might not have a choice. You can’t always see it, and just because you know it’s there doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll successfully avoid it. You slip and you slide without […]

  • Home-Made Treatments For Burn Injuries

    Home-Made Treatments For Burn Injuries You won’t know it until you’ve actually been there and felt it, but burn injuries are among the most painful you might be forced to endure. Part of the reason is the difficulty in treating burns. The other part of the reason is the biological processes that follow a burn. […]

  • Common Brain Injuries

    Common Brain Injuries Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how well we prepare for the worst, it happens anyway. When it does, the result can be an unexpected shock to the system. If you or someone you know incurred a traumatic brain injury and you’re not sure what to do, you should contact […]

  • Acupuncture for Knee Pain

    What causes knee pain and how can I help it? Knee pain can be the result of any number of conditions or experiences.  People who are in good physical shape, who take care of their bodies and eat right, generally do not suffer from pain in their joints, tendons, and the ligaments that surround the […]

  • This is Why I Squat

    Using the outtakes from an exercise shoot we did in our corporate gym, one of my colleagues put together an entertaining video of me performing random lifts to the tune of rapper Mims’s hit song “This is Why I’m Hot.” Talk about great blackmail material—it’s not something I’m likely to live down for the remainder […]

  • 5 Simple Ways to Help Relieve Neck Pain

    Problems with neck pain are hugely common, but are normally unlikely to be a sign of anything serious. Sleeping awkwardly, bad posture, and even stress and anxiety can cause tension in your upper back and neck which can leave you in discomfort, and can affect your work and leisure time. There are plenty of ways […]