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  • 5 Ways To Get Pain Relief From Arthritis Pain Naturally

    Arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people across the world. It is usually a condition that only afflicts those that are older. It can start as a result of an injury, typically within the joints, or it can be the result of an infection. Inside of the joints, the cartilage tissue begins to […]

  • Whiplash & How to Treat It

    If you’ve recently suffered a whiplash injury, you’re probably looking for ways to help reduce the pain and get you back to normal. Whiplash can be painful and uncomfortable, knowing what to look for and what steps to take can help get back to you. Here is a guide on whiplash that can help you […]

  • How Physical Therapy Helps You After An Injury

    After coping with an injury, it generally “takes a village” to get yourself back to proper health. In order to fulfill your duties and keep your home in check, you may rely on friends and family to help with tasks that you can’t do yourself. You may find yourself looking for help from auto accident attorneys […]

  • How to manage an acquired brain injury

    There are thought to be around 1 million people in the UK living with an acquired brain injury, whether due to a traumatic injury, stroke, brain tumour or a variety of other causes. This type of brain injury can have a number of serious symptoms, including physical, cognitive and behavioural effects that need careful management […]

  • Common Causes of Rectal Bleeding

    Seeing blood when you’re using the bathroom can come as a frightening surprise but it’s not always an indication of a serious health problem.  Regardless, it’s still recommended that you schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist, like the ones at Manhattan Gastroenterology, for a checkup as soon as possible.  Don’t worry quite yet though, there […]

  • What Increases Healing Time During Injury Recovery?

    If we look at different people affected by the same injuries we quickly realize that some heal faster than others. So many factors are going to lead to having to go through prolonged healing times. Some of the really relevant factors that should be taken into account include prior injuries, age, physical conditioning and medical […]

  • Four Innovative Wound Healing Techniques To Improve Patients’ Healing

    Wound treatment costs more than $50 billion every year. This is 10 times more than the World Health Organization’s annual budget. Treating wounds can be difficult, especially when it comes to chronic ones, or wounds experienced by people who have compromised immune systems. But innovations in wound-healing technology are treating these obstacles. Here are four […]

  • How Serious Is Encephalomalacia, and How Is It Treated?

    Encephalomalacia is a serious condition that causes softening of tissue in the brain. It’s also known as cerebral softening or brain softening. Fortunately, cases of Encephalomalacia are somewhat rare, although the ailment can affect patients of all age groups and ethnicities. Most people will never hear about Encephalomalacia. Thousands of people do live with this […]


    Most often than not we feel a very uncomfortable itch or burn on our body. It can happen anytime and anywhere especially during the summer. This is because an insect decides to feast on you while you are oblivious to its existence and by the time you get to know it is already hurting and […]