6 Ways to Repair Rocky Relationships

Relationships are hard. Whether you’re struggling to communicate with your partner, agree with your mother, or tell your friend they hurt your feelings, there are plenty of obstacles that challenge even our closest relationships. But even when there’s turbulence on the relationship rollercoaster, we don’t give up on the ones we love. No matter what challenge you’re working through, there are plenty of healthy ways to work through it. So, if you’re feeling lost in a sensitive situation or need to learn how to advocate for yourself, we’re here to help! Keep reading for 6 ways to help you repair your rocky relationships— for real.

Say your piece…but make room for listening, too

Sometimes when we encounter an issue with a significant other, relative, or close friend, we immediately jump to conclusions or need to have the first (and last) word in an argument. And while airing out your frustrations is good for your own mental health, it’s not always the best solution to repairing a tumultuous relationship.

Next time you have a disagreement with them, try and find another way to express your frustrations. Try journaling or keep your moods in check with an app like Moodnotes. This way, you can gather your thoughts and take a look at the bigger picture before you make any brash assumptions or utter any hurtful words.

When you do have a conversation, make some room for listening. Whether or not there is a person at fault in the situation, it’s important to understand both perspectives. This helps you get to know the other person better and will help you establish a stronger relationship than ever.

Take a break

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. And whether you’re struggling with your boyfriend, husband, or best friend, we think this adage still carries some wisdom. Sometimes we just need to take a break from another person— whether that’s to spend some time alone or with others. Taking some time for yourself to reflect or even meet new people is totally healthy, and it will make the two of you appreciate each other even more! If you’re struggling to meet new people, try joining a sports league or some local event-based club to meet others that are in your area and share your interests.

Recognize your differences and celebrate them

You and your BFF or significant other are two unique souls, and that’s why you click so well! Life would be pretty boring if you only hung out with people just like you, wouldn’t it? Variety is the spice of life, so you and your friends should celebrate your differences, not fight over them. If you’re looking for a way to identify your differences, try an aura machine to capture your essence and see how your energies sync. When you take a glimpse at how each of you move through life, you may get to know each other even better!

Do some self-reflection

Nobody’s perfect, and you don’t always have to be right. Checking in with yourself is an important part of the healing process when you’re trying to repair a relationship with a loved one. Whether you spend some time meditating and enjoying a quiet space or choose to self reflect while doing something active, you should definitely incorporate this into your process. Spending a few minutes or even an hour a day in your own space helps make you a stronger and emotionally healthier individual. And when you’re feeling good, others feel good too.

Be the bigger person

Even if you’re sure you weren’t in the wrong, some battles just aren’t worth fighting. Don’t be afraid to reach out and apologize to your friend. Just make sure your apology is genuine and you’re open to forgiveness too. Send your pal a cute or funny apology card to make them laugh even if you’ve really messed up. You’ll feel better getting it off your chest and you’ll both be glad you can repair your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Remember why you love them

Whether your new friends or you’ve been hanging out for years, chances are your friendship is worth keeping. Even when tensions are running high and you’re not sure if you’ll make it to your next “friendaversary,” it’s important to think about what makes being pals so great. Reflect on the great times you’ve had with them by creating a photo album as a toast to all of your favorite memories together!

In conclusion

Maintaining a healthy relationship is hard work. But follow these tips when the going gets tough, and you and your pal are sure to share many more moments together!