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4 Surprising Facts About CBD Oil

It is not a secret that hemp is a plant with a lot of healing properties. There are various products derived from hemp that are now being used – globally nonetheless – to treat different health issues. The healing properties of hemp are one of the reasons why CBD oil is immensely popular these days.

CBD is a compound found in hemp. The compound itself has restorative and medicinal properties without the psychoactive effects of other plants in the Cannabis family. There are a lot of interesting facts about CBD oil, and we are going to look into four surprising ones in this article.

It Is Legal in All States

You may think of hemp and marijuana as the same plant, but they are actually different and are classified differently by law. The DEA stated that products derived from marijuana are governed by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which means they are highly controlled and often illegal.

The same regulation, however, excludes certain parts of the Cannabis plant, including the mature stalks, fiber produced from mature stalks, and derivatives of hemp seeds. This is where CBD oil sets itself apart.

The CBD oil used for various treatments contains hemp oil derived only from processing mature stalks and seeds. This means CBD oil is legal, and it is legal in all states. The DEA clarified this classification in early 2017. Based on the clarification, it is also worth noting that hemp is legal under the Farm Bill of 2014.

It Contains a Lot of Nutrients

Another reason why products derived from mature stalks and seeds of hemp, including CBD oil, have their healing properties is the fact that they contain a lot of nutrients needed by the body to heal. For starters, CBD oil contains the essential fatty acids needed by the body, including Omega 3s and Omega 6s.

At the same time, CBD oil offers plenty of antioxidants that further speed up the healing process. Add the phytonutrients also found in CBD oil and similarly-based products, and you have the perfect combination. These nutrients amplify the healing properties of CBD oil and make it very effective for different purposes.

It Has Fantastic Psychological Properties

Forget about side effects of CBD oil. Various studies have shown that CBD oil doesn’t affect the CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors in the brain. It does not contain THC, a substance that normally affects these receptors and causes you to feel “stoned.”

On the other hand, you still get other psychological effects from the nutrients inside CBD oil. This oil is notoriously effective for treating anxiety and insomnia caused by anxiety. In recent years, deeper studies also confirmed the positive effects of CBD oil as a treatment for epilepsy and schizophrenia.

On a simpler level, CBD oil helps you sleep better at night. People with PTSD and other psychological issues – which often result in sleep disorders and insomnia – now turn to CBD oil as a way to eliminate these issues.

It’s Real-Time

One last interesting thing about CBD oil is the fact that you can feel it working in your body. There are a lot of real-time, direct effects that you will be able to experience when taking CBD oil.

CBD oil’s anti-nausea property is an interesting example nonetheless. Taking CBD oil, or cooking with it using products sold by companies such as US Hemp Wholesale, helps reduce nausea by a substantial margin. In some cases, the oil also helps with vomiting, including vomiting triggered by high blood sugar and other more serious causes.

The list of health benefits and interesting facts about CBD oil is long, but these four surprising facts we covered in this article are among the most interesting of them all. The more you read about CBD oil, the more you will discover the different ways it can help you deal with various health problems.