4 Ways aroma therapy can change your mood

4 Ways aroma therapy can change your mood

Aromatherapy has been used by ancient civilizations traditionally for different purposes. It includes hygienic, therapeutic and other purposes. This now has been considered a helpful tool as it is essential in changing one’s mood by applying natural scents.

The scent can be of jasmine, rose, or even lemon. This includes essential oils and different aroma compounds that can be inhaled or applied to the skin.

Many scents in aromatherapy have wonderful effects on people. For instance, people often use jasmine to relieve anger. It is also helpful in increasing confidence and can get rid of depression. Further, did you know that peppermint is used to relieve stress?

This makes sense that many scents are beneficial and do affect our mood. After inhaling any smell, our brain relates the scent to memory. That is why it affects us and our mood. That aspect combined with other elements make it to where aroma therapy can certainly provide significant value to one’s life if they were to utilize it regularly.

Here is what you must know about aroma therapy and the value that it can have in your life.

Powerful Mood-Changing Scents

Thankfully, many scents work best in changing moods. For example, cinnamon helps trigger emotional responses. Indeed, various scents contain an essential oil that helps influence mood by manipulating the release of hormones linked with the mood.

The following are four ways aroma therapy can change your mood.

Citrus scent

Some aromas contain citrus, which helps boost serotonin production ( the happiness hormone). It helps to reduce the level of norepinephrine that is a stress hormone that triggers symptoms like anxiety and increases your heart rate.

The smell of citrus interacts with the brain receptors to pain and is helpful to suppress anxiety symptoms.

Flower Scents in Changing Moods

Lavender is considered the queen of aromatherapy. As it contains compounds that help slow down the heart rate and ease the nervous system, this aroma brings relaxation.

Some other scents bring a soothing effect and help to change the mood by relieving stress. It includes jasmine, ylang-ylang, helichrysum, and clary sage.

Exotic Aroma

Aromatherapy can be beneficial in treating depression and keeping it under control. Exotic essentials from grass, wood, and resins can be helpful to get rid of depression and helps to stay fresh.

People have been using sandalwood, patchouli, and palo santo for years for their meditative purposes and to change their mood.

Meditation with Aromatherapy

Meditation has a beneficial effect on the brain. When in this state, if a person uses aromatherapy, it adds the benefits of incense and helps to improve the state of mind. It is famously said that aromatherapy can help bring a person into the present moment,

Recall that aromatherapy helps relieve stress and is considered a mood booster. Further, essential oils are not expensive and can be used easily. These scents can be combined with complementary therapies like massage and meditation to relieve stress and related problems.

Thankfully, this is a proven practice that has been around for quite a while. It can have a significant impact on your mood and your health over time as it provides value in more ways than one. The fact that it is versatile and can be combined with activities such as meditation adds further value to this form of therapy.