5 Countries That Offer A Startup Visa For Entrepreneurs

5 Countries That Offer A Startup Visa For Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in a Country different
from your own is appealing for a multitude of reasons. This being said, start
up visas are offered by many countries, and through this process an
entrepreneur can begin the process of building a popular business anywhere from
New Zealand to Italy. A new country can be perfect for a business who knows
their target audience and are not afraid to travel to it in the process.

The Importance of a Start Up Visa

Most countries want business entrepreneurs to
come to their countries.  Many are
implementing different strategies to promote migrants who are joining the
nation to create a business.

ResearchGate performed a study that found that
more than 200 firms were created by immigrants. This resulted in more than 10
million people employed by the companies, and a toppling combined revenue of $4

Starting a business as an immigrant is all,
but easy in a foreign land. The hoops that need jumping through vary from
securing lending funds, or even qualifying for loans because of citizenship
status. This is why countries that have a startup visa have went out of the normal
to connect immigration and entrepreneurship. The visas usually last for years,
or have an easy renewal process.

Here are five countries
that have a startup visa budding entrepreneurs can apply for and get their own Mystic Owl
to prove it. Be prepared to have additional information to
submit and be in the later stages of planning your move and company. Investment
capita often needs proved to the government of the country you are obtaining the
visa from. Always be serious in your plans of moving to another country to
begin a business or your visa could be revoked.

United Kingdom

The Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa is for those who
run or have a business being set up for operations in the United Kingdom. To
apply for this visa you must meet additional requirements. Such as: 5,000 Euros
of investment capita, a solid plan for the company, and the technical aspects
of obtaining a passport and speaking English. The visa lasts a total of 3
years, but it cannot be applied for until three months before prospective

New Zealand

New Zealand also has requirements to gain an
Entrepreneur Work Visa. The basics require you to know English, and even have
proof of it, and have a valid passport. The business plan must be thorough and
laid out within the time frame of the visa’s validity. A capital investment
will need proved to equal at least 100,000 New Zealand Dollars.


Italy is a desired location to begin
businesses, they offer a Start Up Visa, but if approved it will only last a
year. At the end of that year, a 2 year renewal is possible so you can continue
your business operations in Italy.

There is a very easy-to-follow online
application process for the visa. Even if you complete it online, you must send
certain documentation to the Intalian Ministry of Economic Development
Committee. Always have your passport, and proof of financial investment money
ready, whether to be scanned or mailed.


France calls their StartUp visa the French
Tech Ticket program. This is for entrepreneurs in teams of 1-3 people. There
cannot be more than one person on each team, and they must have a full video
introduction to send in with the application. The company does not need to be
based on tech, even though it’s in the visa’s title.


Thailand has a large visa program called the
Smart Visa that is available to entrepreneurs, large investors, and high-up
executives. The approval process will need proof of identification and legality
of traveling through a passport. Six-hundred thousand Baht are needed to be
ready for deposit as proof of financial backing. The business needs thought
out, because the business must be started within one year and the person
holding the visa must own one fourth of the company. The Smart Visa lasts 4

Many Asian countries do not have a specialized
visa program like this, especially if you are not fluid in English. Certain
other programs exist, but are more targeted for particular countries. Most
offer return of fees once the visa is approved.

Thinking Outside the Country

It is a lie to say the visa process is simple. On top
of that, starting and running a business is full of obstacles. Make the process
easier by knowing which companies will offer a startup visa, and what you need
to do to comply with their standards. Do not even contain yourself to one list
of countries. Governments in Spain, Belgium, Canada, and countless others offer specialized
startup visas.