5 Of The World’s Best Stopover Cities

5 Of The World’s Best Stopover Cities

It’s never easy to remain on an airplane for long hours at a time – whether it’s the turbulence-induced nausea, the low-quality food, or the person behind you kicking your seat, long airplane rides are simply insufferable for most people. It’s only natural, then, that breaking your trip up into manageable segments with the help of a stopover is an alluring option for many travelers.

Make sure you check out airlines with foods that you actually want to eat before booking that flight.

Some stopovers are better than others, however, something
that largely depends on where you are. Here are 5 of the world’s best stopover
cities to incorporate into your future travel plans.

1. Tokyo is calling

One of the finest stopover cities in the world is
indisputably Tokyo, a gateway destination that’s often the first step in a
much-larger tour of Asia in general. Millions of people have already flocked to
Tokyo for a variety of reasons, whether it’s steeping themselves in local
culture or a chance to see one of the most futuristic cities in the world, and
many more will doubtlessly enjoy stopovers there sooner rather than later.

What makes Tokyo such an excellent
stopover city, anyway? For starters, countless affordable food options allow
you to sample new delicacies without breaking the bank as well as find a med spa
for a beauty treatment. Furthermore, ancient structures
like the Meiji Shrine and other interesting temples permit you an opportunity
to turn back time and see the world as it once was while you wait for your next
flight. But the coming year will make Tokyo even more of a special place for
intrepid nomads. The year 2020 is also the year of the Tokyo Olympics when the
Japanese city will play host to the entire works during a summer of intense
athletic competition.

All this makes now the best time ever to take a pause in
Tokyo. However, Tokyo isn’t the only great stopover city, either…

2. Kuala Lumpur is
increasingly popular

Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysia’s largest city for a reason –
it offers an amazing opportunity for you to view some stunning modern architecture
while also enabling you to visit nearby beaches without spending too much time
on additional travel. One of the reasons that Malaysia visas for Indians have
become vastly more popular in recent years is that Kuala Lumpur is a thrilling
stopover destination in their travels to other locations that frequently calls
them back for future visits.

The whole of Southeast Asia is a short plane ride away from
Kuala Lumpur, include hot destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong
and Indonesia. It still one of those cities where the third world brushes up
against the first, giving you the chance to sample the local cuisine at very
affordable prices. Indeed, Kuala Lumpur’s street food is famed as some of the
best in the world and a whole lot cheaper than what you would find in
neighboring Singapore—an island with which it shares a degree of cultural

If Malaysia isn’t your style, however, you can always rely

3. Lovely Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland may have one of the most difficult to
pronounce names on the planet for many, but it’s nevertheless an unparalleled
land of scenic Nordic beauty that will leave you inspired for years to come.
Many European travelers heading to North America for the first time enjoy a
stopover at Reykjavik beforehand because it enables them to witness awesome
geysers or explore the majesty of the Golden Circle. They call this the land of
fire and ice for a reason. Millennia of intense volcanic activity has carved a
breathtaking landscape that is still being generated from deep beneath the
earths bowls.

Driving the Golden Circle will lead you face to face with
steaming geysers that spew forth hot steaming water as regular as clockwork. If
you’re lucky enough to land in the city in the bleak winter months, then you
have the chance to see the spectacular northern lights.

Imagine taking a dip in one of Reykjavik’s many natural hot
springs on a snowy day and looking up to see a spectacular light show courtesy
of the earth’s sun.

If lava-filled national parks and thrilling cruises in icy
waters don’t entertain you, however, you can always rely on…

4. Boston and its
amazing history

For those looking for a stopover destination in the United
States, look no further than Boston. The city is steeped in American history,
and even the briefest of trips there will leave you knowing more about the
founding of the United States than any other educational experience. List of
the best American cities for layovers and
stopovers regularly feature Boston precisely for this reason.

Try one of the city’s famed lobster rolls or enjoy an
evening of warm hospitality in one of Boston’s many Irish bars. For the sports
fans there is also Fenway Park – the hallowed home ground of the Boston Red Sox
baseball team.

Finally, you can always choose to spend some time in…

5. Singapore is worth
your time

Singapore is perhaps the world’s finest city-state, and it’s
a particularly lovely destination for travelers. If you have a little time to
burn in Singapore while waiting to travel elsewhere in Asia, it’s highly
recommended that you check out the famous Singapore Zoo, which is regularly
lauded as being the best in the world. Traveling across Southeast Asia or to Australia
becomes much more manageable when you can relax for a few hours in some of the
finest botanical gardens found around the globe.

But the delights of Singapore don’t end there. The city is a
melting-pot of Malay, India, Chinese and European culture and it is reflected
in its diverse cuisine. What’s more, Singapore is the only city in the world
where you’ll find Michelin-starred street food that doesn’t come at Michelin-starred prices.

Not all cities are created equally, especially
when it comes to stopovers. In time, you’ll doubtlessly discover that these 5
cities offer an unparalleled experience for travelers looking to take in the
sights and culture without spending too much time and money in an unfamiliar