5 Dermatologist-Recommended Skincare Tips

Skincare produces the largest revenue of the beauty market. Globally, the skincare market accounts for $134.5 billion.

That’s a lot of skincare products, services, and advice. But how can you separate what actually works in today’s market from the products and advice that are just looking to make some quick cash?

Who better to get skincare tips from than the skin doctors themselves? Here are dermatologist-recommended skincare tips you will love.

1. Remove Makeup

After the end of a long day, it’s tempting to crawl into bed without washing your face — don’t. Take the few minutes to wash your face and remove any makeup or products from your skin.

When you spend hours sleeping with these products on your skin, your pores become clogged. And clogged pores lead to acne. Sleeping in makeup also exposes your skin to free radicals, which breaks down your skin’s healthy collagen and leads to wrinkles. 

Avoid using a makeup remover wipe and try to properly wash your face every night. Use warm water and a quality facial cleanser. 

2. Hydrate Your Skin

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. 

Hydrate your skin through body lotion and moisturizers. Apply these products daily to keep your skin from drying out. Moisturizers also provide your skin with healthy lipids and protect your skin from harsh chemicals.

Bonus points if your moisturizers contain SPF. 

3. Always Use Sunscreen

Sun damage is no joke. You should get into the habit of using sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days. 

Remember that this tip applies to all of your exposed skin, including your face, neck, and hands. Look for an SPF 30 or higher. Using sun protection can lower your risk of skin cancer and slow down the aging of your skin. 

If the damage is already done, check out this advice for reversing sun damage

4. Try Facial Massages

Do you often catch yourself frowning or squinting your eyes? Repeatedly making these faces causes wrinkles to form around your eyes and mouth.

Instead, relax your face with a quick facial massage to prevent wrinkles. Try doing this at night before bed and whenever you’re feeling stressed. 

Apply pressure with your fingertips to the areas around your eyebrows, temples, and around your nose. Keep the pressure applied for about 10 seconds and feel your face relax. 

5. Visit a Dermatologist 

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you that they visit a fellow dermatologist for skincare. 

Everyone’s skin is different and no two skincare routines are the same. Take the guessing out of the game by visiting a doctor who can evaluate your exact needs. 

A dermatologist will also be able to recommend the best skincare products for you. For example, they may recommend Revision Skincare to correct aging and sunspots and prevent further skin damage. 

Looking for More Skincare Tips?

If you follow these dermatologist-recommended skincare tips, you’ll see great results. 

Start slowly by adding in one new tip at a time. Once the first tip becomes a habit, then work on the next tip. Pretty soon, you’ll have a flawless skincare routine. 

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