5 Good Reasons Why an Occasional Fight is Healthy for Your Marriage

By Melissa Thompson

People are different. That’s just the way it is. We have our understandings and our misunderstandings. However, even if they are well aware of that, people sometimes tend to think that they will not have any problems with their spouse whatsoever. That is a common misconception since we all have our problems, our bad days, and it is impossible to always be happy and jolly around the house. Fights are destined to happen. But, fights are not all that bad, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. You let it all out

Negative emotions pile up. They don’t have to be related to your spouse in any way – they can be related to work, to the economy, to anything. When you get in an energetic argument with your spouse, you are letting the bad things go out. When the fight is over, you will come to your senses and realize what was wrong and then, you can work on solving the problem. Of course, you can always go for a jog, but that’s a different story.

2. You’ll get to know each other even better

Fights can be very constructive. When you are boiling red and your ears are steaming, you are able to say some things that you did not have the courage to say until then. That way, you and your partner can learn a few things about one another and work on improving yourselves for the future. So, fights can be very good in the long run – think about it.

3. It’s better now than never

Some people think that it is best not to say anything and to keep it all in. This is probably the worst thing you can do. If you keep silent about something and you let it go on and on, at one point you will lose it and the fight that occurs then will be one of epic proportions. Do not let it get to that. When you notice something you don’t like, say something about it. If a fight starts then, it won’t be as “epic” as the one that will happen a month in the future.

4. You will tie your bonds

After finishing a good, productive fight, you will feel stronger than ever. The agreements established during one little fight will do wonders for your future, since they will serve as an everlasting guidebook to both of you being happy.

5. As long as it is occasional

The keyword in the title is “occasional”. If you fight all the time, then you have some serious problems and it is wise to consult a counselor, or think about filing for divorce. No one is supposed to live with someone they fight with all the time – that is the truth!

All in all, you might be having problems, but every problem can be resolved if you work together. Talk, love each other, do silly things together – get some costumes and spice up things in the bedroom for instance – and work on improving.