The True Cost Of Back Pain And How To Deal With It

Back pain is not only debilitating to the person who is suffering from it, but can have a knock on effect for many people. In the United Kingdom it has been suggested that there are more than 7 million working days lost each year as a result of this. In some cases it is the job itself that is causing the problem and whatever the reason it is something that needs to be dealt with.

Causes of Back Pain

It tends to be ligaments or muscles that are pulled and strained and there are a number of reasons why. Sometimes it is the way we sit, and sometimes it is as a direct result of what we do. Paramedics have to carry patients and some farm workers can spend the entire day bent over picking crops. It is not surprising that they will suffer back pain and sometimes damage that cannot be repaired. By and large the pain is going to last for a few days, but that does rely on the activity that caused it being stopped.

Office Based Issues

Sitting for long periods of time can be a major cause of back pain. Posture is important and it is vital that the position is changed at regular intervals as the body can only cope with being in the one position for a limited amount of time. It may seem silly to say people need to be taught how to sit, but in order to prevent back pain this is the case. It is necessary to sit with a straight back and make sure that there is support for the lower back.

Treating Back Pain

While it may not be totally possible to prevent back pain there are things that can be done to lessen the effect. Although movement will be painful it will be best to stay as active as possible. The muscles need to be strong and inactivity will only weaken them. Exercise may seem like the last thing to do, but there are certain gentle exercises that will help. The best ones to carry out will be ones that help to strengthen the back, legs or stomach but in reality any movement is going to be good.

Painkillers will help for a while but there are the risks of becoming dependent. Acupuncture has worked for some people and in other cases hot and cold compresses seems to do the trick. For some a good mental outlook works and if the sufferer is able to remain upbeat they will show signs of improvement more quickly than those that brood about it.

If there is still pain after 6 weeks it will be considered that this is a more serious problem. If the temperature rises to above 100° or there are issues such as the inability to control bladder or bowel movements then it will be best to visit a doctor. They may make suggestions such as an operation although this will only be in extreme cases after things such as chiropractic treatment has been tried.

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